Reasons to go for VPS Hosting

Reasons to go for VPS Hosting
The Siliconreview
27 October, 2020

Have you started a website last year and saw a spike in the traffic you are receiving every month? Congratulations, you have done a great job to promote and get the traffic. It is high time for you to expand the website so that it meets the increasing traffic. You can add new features to the website and make it more appealing to garner the attention of many more customers. However, the problem with the expansion of the site comes with the hosting. If at all your website is hosted on the shared server, it may not support the content you want to have on the website. The increase in traffic and the addition of new apps to the website would need a solution for you. You cannot go for the dedicated server, as the pricing would be high. It can also be like you are paying more than what you use.

The best option available for such people is to go for VPS hosting. This is a virtual private server hosting which is like a hybrid version of both shared and dedicated hosting. It is best for the growing website.

VPS hosting is a website that is hosted on the same server on which the other websites have hosted. Similar to the shared hosting, you will rent a part of space in the server and pay for it. However, the space that you get on the server and access to the computing resources would be more compared to the shared hosting. Another major difference is that the VPS hosting in intact with the other accounts on the same physical server. Each account has a different operating system, and the website owner can run apps. The performance of the website will not take a toll due to the activities of other websites on the same physical server. VPS can be defined as the mini version of the dedicated server. This website will make things clear for you if you still have doubts and want some more specific information regarding your needs.

Few of the reasons to go for VPS hosting include:


When the business is progressing in terms of traffic and revenue, you must pay attention to the IT expenses. VPS is the best solution that is available for you to host the website. It is best in terms of expenses and capacity. The price of VPS hosting is pocket-friendly.

Can run the apps as you want

VPS gives you control over what you want to host on the website. It is not dependent on the other websites that are hosted on the same server. The best thing is that your website can have its own operating system and run the apps that are compatible with your OS. You also have the option to choose the operating system you want to run. The server can also be configured as per your website needs. When it comes to the shared hosting, there is only one configuration for all websites hosted on the same physical server.

Reduced server downtime

Though the website is hosted on a physical server, VPS is virtual. There are no physical components that are available for it. When the physical server would go down, the VPS, which is a backup server, would start its job of rebooting the physical server. Although the physical server is down, the backup one would keep your website online always. It is perfect for businesses which are running critical apps.

Bulletproof security

VPS has bulletproof security. No website is connected to the other one stored on the same server. If a VPS is infected with malware, the other websites will still stay safe.