Top Italian Dishes Including Sweet Treats That Can Be Prepared During Halloween

Top Italian Dishes Including Sweet Treats That Can Be Prepared During Halloween
The Siliconreview
19 October, 2020

Halloween is like the most awaited night. Every year people have various plans to celebrate it in a better way. Multiple events occur, and families make sure they go out with their near and dear ones to enjoy.

So first things first. The symbol of the Halloween party is the pumpkin. Hence, in this piece, we have brought together some of the top Italian recipes you can prepare during Halloween and halloween sweet treats are no exception. So if you feel a little Italian this Halloween, get hold of all the ingredients you require and prepare the delicious recipes just in the comfort of your home. Mentioned below are the dishes you can prepare this Halloween.

1.Bruschetta with roasted pumpkin: This is one of the most delicious and famous dishes in Italy. For this dish, you need to have certain ingredients at home. If you do not have them present, make sure to buy them from a reliable store like Italian Foods. The ingredients you need are mentioned below:


  • Pumpkin
  • Olive oil
  • Basil
  • Mozzarella
  • Bread
  • Salt and pepper

To prepare this dish, you need to chop the pumpkin into small cubes. Once the chopping is done, place them on the baking paper and put them inside the oven. Put some olive oil later and use salt and pepper to give a smoky tint to the dish. Once everything is done, you need to put it back into the oven to bake until soft enough to eat. If you like to eat it with bread, make sure you toast the bread and bake the same with fresh basil leaves. A prosciutto can also be used. Season again with pepper and salt, and it is ready to serve. Enjoy this dish with a cup of cold coffee.

Halloween sweet treats: What is the best part of Halloween? Well, it is the candy, of course. So this Halloween, why not prepare some treats and have a fun night? Mentioned below are some of them.

2. Rosemary pumpkin seed brittle: This sweet dish can be prepared at home with some essential ingredients. Also, if you want to do something special for your other half, how about surprising her with some favorite Italian sweet treat? Well, you no more have to search for Halloween gifts for her. Purchase all the ingredients from a trusted company that has premium products like Italian food.


  • Granulated sugar
  • Butter
  • Golden syrup
  • Baking soda
  • Rosemary
  • Pepper

Use a baking sheet with some pepper on it. Combine sugar, water, butter, and golden syrup in a pan. Boil it for some time and remove it once it is brown. Mix rosemary and pepper and scrape brittle onto the baking sheet, which was prepared at the beginning. Sprinkle some salt and cool it till forty-five minutes; once it is ready, break it into pieces and enjoy eating.

3. Pumpkin hand pies: This is one of the easiest dishes to prepare.


  • Flour
  • Granulated sugar
  • Kosher salt
  • Cream, cheese, and butter
  • Vanilla extract
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Edible candy eyes

Take a bowl. Add two spoons of sugar and one scoop of salt. Mix it properly and then add some butter to it and pulse until it resembles a coarse meal with various pies. Add five tablespoons of ice-cold water if required. Make sure you divide the dough into two piles and wrap it with plastic. Put it inside the refrigerator until firm. Beat cream, cheese for about a minute, and add pumpkin, spices, and egg. Do not forget to add vanilla. Mix it till two to three minutes. Take the dough and cut it into thin strips. Prepare a mummy and seal edges with your fingertips. Get rid of the excess. Put the strips into the oven and place candy eyes on the mummies. Ready to serve!

Key Takeaways

These are some of the dishes you can prepare this Halloween. However, if you do not have the ingredients, get them from a reliable store with all the premium ingredients like Italian food. They are a name that is trusted by many. To know more, feel free to speak to the experts. Hence, the next time you look for halloween gifts for her, you know what to do, right?