14 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter 2020

14 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter 2020
The Siliconreview
26 November, 2020

Everyone has a different attitude to winter. Some love it, and some do not. When we were children it was always a joy, but with age, you begin to think about ice, bad roads, and cold outside, and other important things.

But the question, how not to get sick or not get sick in winter, remains important for everyone. Winter is not a time to get sick if you know some secrets.

Ways to Avoid Sickness In Winter

Winter is a time when many people get sick easily. We will look at some ways in which you can have a healthy winter and avoid getting sick.

1.   Give Up Alcohol and Smoking

Both alcohol and smoking reduce immunity. They hit the antioxidant system of the body and give freedom to viruses to grow in our body.

Drinking alcohol keeps the body warm but its effect is brief. At first, the vessels dilate and give deceptive heat after a while vessels narrow sharply. And the person starts to freeze again, but with a stronger effect.

One can easily use alternate ways to keep the body warm. But if you are an alcoholic, giving it up won’t be an easy task. Get help from any rehab center. There are plenty of options available for you out there. If you don’t want to go to any center, residential rehab is a solution for you.

2.   Dress for The Weather

Dressing for the weather means wearing clothes that will keep the body warm. Clothing must be breathable and heat conductive. Wear high fur boots, a down jacket, sheepskin coat, gloves, and hat to keep warm.

But there must be a balance in keeping the body warm and not to sweat. Otherwise, with sweating, you will become wet and start freezing again.

3.   Eats Lots of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are a very rich source of nutrients, vitamins, essential fats, and heat in cold winter. They are not only good for health and skin but also a good way to satisfy your winter cravings.

4.   More Positive Emotions and Relaxation

Any depression worsens our physical condition. Watch comedies, listen to humor, or read funny stories. Less negative news. Or find at least a little time for your favorite activity or activity to cheer yourself up and relax.

Introduce winter rituals into your life. For example, a cup of green tea in front of a window, where you can see how it snows will be relaxing. Or punch in the kitchen in the evening in the arms of a loved one.

5.   More Lighting

In winter, the day is short and the night is long. When it is dark for a long time, the body is also stressed. In the evening, turn on colored lights or bright lighting and get positive emotions from it.

6.   Walk in Fresh Air

Daily walks in open fresh air keep you healthy irrespective of weather. If you do not have such an opportunity for any reason, then compulsory walks on the balcony.

Keep your body moving is the most relevant advice for the cold weather. Move as much as possible. Blood circulation stagnates without constant movement, and even more so in the cold weather.

7.    Drink Water

It may seem like weird advice for winter? But our body always needs water. Drink it hot or warm and avoid cold water.

If drinking water is not tasty, add a slice of any citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange, or any other) to it. You can also throw in a few slices of apple, pear, or ginger for better taste.

8.    Use Herbs to Make Tea

There are many herbs which can be used to make tea and each has its own benefit for health. Make herbal teas from linden flowers, birch buds, and leaves, calendula, chamomile, willow tea, currant leaves, raspberries, strawberries. Change them often so that there is no addiction.

Berries brewed in a thermos will be an excellent means of raising immunity. Try to avoid soda as much as you can because it does not benefit your health in any way.

9.    Play Sports

If you have time and opportunity, go to the pool, playground, or gym. Choose what you like and keep your body moving. According to statistics, people engaged in physical activity are less sick than couch potatoes.

10.  Clean Your Hands Frequently

Hands can catch viral infections quickly. Therefore, wash your hands immediately after coming home or to work. Don't touch your face, nose, lips. If this is not possible, wipe it off with any damp cloth. 

11. Steam Your Legs

If you are cold or your feet are wet. Don't waste your time, soak your feet in a basin of hot water. Doing this can not only prevent you from catching a cold but also prevent your kidneys, bladder, and genitals from getting sick.

12. Avoid Crowded Places

Avoid going to crowded places because in cold weather more people get viral infections as compared with other weathers. Gathering should not be held especially if these are in closed rooms with too many people.

13. Moisten the Air

Moisturizing will have a good effect on the skin. If you own a humidifier you're in luck, those who do not have it can hang wet sheets on the radiators or hang them around the rooms. Another option is to put a large container of water, from which the water will evaporate, humidifying the air. 

14. Take Good Care of Skin

Moisturize all exposed areas of the body (face, hands) with a moisturizing cream. In cold weather skin loses its moisture, therefore oily creams are good to keep it moisturize and healthy.


Winter is a cold and lonely time of the year, but do not go out with your friends and family to make it less lonely because of the pandemic. And remember to flow the health tips.