Is Bitcoin Up a scam - an expert analysis

Is Bitcoin Up a scam - an expert analysis
The Siliconreview
09 November, 2020

The Bitcoin Up App has spread rapidly among traders in the U.K. and other parts of the world due to its productiveness. The software has been rated among the leading automated Bitcoin trading applications on frequented review sites online. There is plenty of cynicism when it comes to the success rates associated with robots, hence the decision to investigate how it operates.

Bitcoin Up is a fresh product in the crypto trading market, incorporated with algorithms that permit it to place trade orders for the user automatically. The user is only required to implement the provided instructions, as the robot does not need any unique set of skills to run. The tool has been gaining ground-driven by its almost perfect ratings by users online.

Key takeaways from Bitcoin Up review

Bitcoin Up supposedly generates up to $10,000 from a minimum investment of $250, which is a pretty low minimum investment.

You don't require any prior knowhow to trade cryptocurrencies like BTC on the application. All you have to do is open an account, go through the trading manuals, and start making money.

The application operates through artificial intelligence which powers all the leading automated trading bots in the world.

Furthermore, using Bitcoin Up, the user does not need to purchase physically to benefit. The trading bots take advantage of the explosive Bitcoin market and speculate on price changes to generate profits. Volatility trading is supposedly more profitable than purchasing the asset in its physical form.

Is Bitcoin Up a scam?

In our research, we have found out that the Bitcoin Up app works through chosen brokers who are tasked with placing processing orders, monitoring trading conditions and transactions. All the brokers appear to be verified and registered, guaranteeing the safety of users' investment.

Furthermore, the application comprises a robust 128 encryption to safeguard the user's private information. On top of that, the software turns out to be obliging with all the data privacy provisions.

Although the platform is associated with massive yields, it is not risk-free. The cryptocurrency market is highly risky and might result in the loss of one's capital. It is recommended for investors to only trade what they can afford to lose.

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How to join Bitcoin Up

Trading on the Bitcoin Up app is pretty straightforward and only works by the click of a button. Nevertheless, the user is required to define the risk management parameters before diving into live trade. The platform provides users with well-detailed videos, and more than ten pages of guidelines to master the trade.

The platform is accessible from any part of the world, and it is free to everybody. It is available in both web and mobile versions.


To register, a user needs to visit the official Bitcoin Up account and validate with the assigned broker. The system teams you up with a broker that hails from the same region as you. Leading brokers are required by the authorities to verify their client's details. Users will need a driving licence or a national identity card to verify the users' identity.


The minimum funds required to start generating crypto-profits using Bitcoin Compass is $250, which is cost-effective. The brokerage handles all the deposits. The supported brokers have various deposit methods, including debit cards, bank transfers, crypto transactions, digital payment platforms such as Skrill, and many more.

After making a deposit, you can start trading live using the application. However, it is recommended that users try the demo trading feature before going live.

Bitcoin Up review: Conclusion

Online customer feedback pages unanimously conclude that the platform is highly safe and reliable to use. Although it is free, it is good to always keep in mind that trading cryptos can be risky.

The underlying brokers are all verified and registered with the relevant authorities, assuring the safety of user funds. Furthermore, deposit segregation ensures that brokers cannot utilize customer funds to place trades. They comply with stringent guidelines and laws that are meant to protect user funds.