Staple Items to Keep in Your Bag for a Winter Pandemic

Staple Items to Keep in Your Bag for a Winter Pandemic
The Siliconreview
03 November, 2020

Winter is coming folks, and one unlike we’ve ever seen before. While we normally associate the changing of seasons with an onset of flu and colds, now more than ever should you take precautions to protect your own health and the health of those around you. PPE products ensure you feel comfortable, hygienic and most of all safe as we adjust to pandemic living in the months ahead. The items listed below are to help you adapt comfortably to the measures recommended to both individuals and commercial businesses, but also to take care of yourself and make you feel informed and in control as we transition into the colder and wetter months of the year.

Pocketsize Hand Sanitiser

These are useful and compact products to keep about your person. They reduce the risk of infection by removing viral particles and other pathogens from your skin. They dry quickly and only use a small amount of time, which makes it a handy alternative to handwashing when facilities aren’t around. There is also a vast array of scents. Pocket sanitiser destroys bacteria and reduces the risk of spreading diseases. Some bottles can fit on a keychain or attach to your bag straps, and others contain moisturising factors or ingredients like aloe vera to incorporate aspects of skincare to their function.

Hand Cream

Conscientious hand washing and the liberal use of sanitiser are important to maintain as part of your daily habits, but they can sometimes cause the skin to dry out and possibly even begin to split or flake, especially if you have sensitive skin. This can even make them painful to wash or expose to the outdoor air, so it is important to make sure the skin is well protected and nourished. And while you can use soaps and sanitisers with skincare ingredients as discussed above to minimise the effects on your hands, using creams like these loaded with moisturising factors after cleansing will help minimise the damage to the epidermis and keep hands feeling healthy, clean and soft.


Masks are one of the most effective ways to keep yourself and others safe, and it’s no surprise that they are at present a mandatory item of dress for many commercial and public areas. While you are out and about, you will often need to wear one throughout the day. As it is such a common practice, you may want to keep your breath fresh while wearing your mask, especially after meals or your morning coffee. Mints and chewing gum are therefore becoming more popular than ever to keep in your purse or bag, as they are quick and easy modes to refresh.

Face Mask

As discussed above, mask is an important accessory to carry. Not only that, but they are a necessity to access public areas and move about your daily life. Therefore, we suggest investing in a quality mask you can reuse. While disposable masks might appear cheaper, they are often lower in quality, cause more waste, and are forming a higher percentage of litter amongst our streets. One of the most recommended masks for sale at the moment for the upcoming winter months is the Shield by VIRACTIV with its trademarked Red Shield. A twist on the conventional design of facemasks, the virustatic shield from the team at Viractiv has been developed by UK virologists and is a mask and snood combined. Not only will it protect against pathogens, but it is the best mask for the incoming season. Warm, fashionable, and practical, the breathable material of the Viractiv shield allows you to communicate clearly and is more environmentally friendly than single-use masks, as it is washable for repeated use. And the real winner is the patented protein covering actual captures and stables viruses leaving it safe to touch too.


People often forget about the strength of UV rays in the winter, thinking that because it’s not hot, the sun poses less of a threat to your skin and eyes. This is not the case. While the frequency of cloudy days might increase, you still need to protect yourself on the sunny ones – which is why sunglasses should remain in your bag all year round. The damage sunlight can enact on exposed eyes is serious, but easy to prevent. Keep your sunglasses in a case to make sure they don’t break, and then they are ready to use whenever!

Skin Care

Following on from eye protection, your skin is just as at risk from sun damage, and while you may not overtly burn in the winter, it can still affect your skin. While face masks are great for offering protection from the sun as well as infections, you should still apply SPF to the exposed regions of your face and neck. For the winter, where harsh winds and cold temperatures can dry out your skin, one of the best ways to combat both the season and the sun is to use a moisturiser with at least SPF 20. You can find a great selection here of moisturisers that dually offer sun protection. There are also SPF powders that fit compactly in a bag and offer protection with one quick dusting of the face throughout the day.


If you need to give your hands a break from constant sanitation, using gloves is a great alternative when accessing public spaces or travelling. They create a physical barrier from your skin to communal surfaces. Just make sure not to touch your face with the gloves on, as this defeats the point of their function, which is to avoid putting bacteria on your person. After leaving public spaces, you can dispose of them or disinfect them to reuse again.

Disinfectant Wipes

These are extra handy to have close by when out and about. You can buy smaller packs for your bag or pocket or make your own by stacking some in plastic sandwich bags and sealing them. These are useful to wipe your ID and cards with after using them or handing other people and will remove pathogens from surfaces. You can also give a quick wipe to public tables or cutlery if they are not already routinely cleaned by staff.

Isopropyl Wipes

In the modern age, you may end up touching your phone more than any other surface throughout the day. They are therefore a great location to house viral particles and other pathogens like harmful bacteria. Isopropyl wipes are 70% rubbing alcohol wipes which major phone brands (including Apple) have stated are suitable for disinfecting cell phones during the pandemic. Make sure you only use wipes that are safe to use on your phone screens, or you risk damaging your device. Consider giving your phone a quick wipe if you let someone borrow it or you’ve used it a lot in public spaces and keep a handy pack in your bag to do so.

These are all useful items to consider packing in your purse or backpack this winter. There is a mix of items for general wellbeing and comfort, and some specifically intended for keeping you safe during the pandemic. Whether you are in a demographic particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, infectious diseases in general, or perhaps you just want to be extra cautious to help prevent the spread, these products are great for keeping yourself and the things you handle free from pathogenic particles.