Sync and transfer files between DropBox and Google Drive effortlessly with Wondershare InClowdz

Sync and transfer files between DropBox and Google Drive effortlessly with Wondershare InClowdz
The Siliconreview
18 November, 2020

Cloud storage has given users the ability to share and access files remotely without access to their local storage systems. Cloud storage is an opportunity to download your files on the server with an ability to access to them from any gadget and any place. Before this innovation appeared, people has been exchanging files in different social networks (like Facebook) and used material storage drives. In fact, they still devote their data to material drives. That is why, currently, not all of the users understand the necessity of using cloud storage. However, nowadays, cloud storage is not something new and weird. In daily conversations people mention that they use them for some reasons. But despite everybody knows what it is, the level of users is not very high. Mostly because people are too lazy to download storage app and put their data there. But the price for this laziness can be colossal. Many companies and individuals use Google Drive and Dropbox to bring better organization to their work and make things run more efficiently. Dropbox is basically a file storage service with many great features such as instant file sharing, apps and the ability to sync with computers, phones and other devices. Google Drive can be used as file storage but has many attractive features such as the ability to create and edit spreadsheets and other documents online, collaborate with coworkers or clients on important documents online and much more. Let’s look at the benefits of transfer DropBox to Google drive

Optimize your cooperation:

Cloud drives are a perfect instrument for immediate data exchange. Many individuals and businesses make use of both Dropbox and Google Drive. These services help to organize work, store data, and share data among work teams so it is important to sync DropBox to Google Drive. The option to give access to multiple people makes this service a perfect tool for both distant and in-house work. People have a need to transfer each other information every day. For instance, if you work as a freelancer, you can send files to your supervisor faster than via email. Usually, offices create a local network to provide the connection between all workers. The creation of local network requires a long work of system administrator. Also, some companies create a corporate email to spread necessary information. However, people can get lost in heaps of messages to find a certain file. That is why both freelance and office workers can get the most profit from cloud storages. You can synchronize any folder with your cloud storage and give access only to selected people. Another benefit of cloud servers is their ability to integrate with different office online services (like CRM or Slack) that provide automatic data exchange. Also, you can use these servers both with Microsoft and Linux operating system. Even if you are absent from your work, you can enter your storage via smartphone and solve your business online. Such cooperation opportunity erases the gap between people, so they can unite and deliver products of their work faster than before.

The best solution to achieve a secure and reliable sync between these is Wondershare InClowdz. The service automatically syncs data in Dropbox with Google Drive. It updates in real-time for easy collaboration with other team members working in the same area. One of the best features is that you control which parts of the accounts you wish to sync. Some data can be kept out of the sync which is more useful for private data you do not wish to share with other coworkers or clients.

Transfer and sync data

Both platforms differ significantly and why some people are reluctant to transfer Dropbox to Google Drive. When you work on a file or edit it, the changes save automatically on both programs. They sync inside the program, which allows you to access the files from any browser or device. In Google Drive, the complete file downloads first before uploading to complete the sync. As a result, there may be delays in accessing documents from a different device. Let’s say you make the changes using your computer. They may not show immediately when you open the same document using your phone. Dropbox makes use of block-syncing rather than downloading and then uploading. This means this platform saves changes and syncs them immediately. Obviously, this is a faster method than what Google Drive offers.

There is also a special option which enables you to sync these two services without replicating deletion. So if your files accidentally (or maliciously) get deleted, Google Drive essentially becomes your backup of Dropbox and vice-versa. As sensitive as data can be these days, it is very important that there be a secure backup in place to prevent critical data loss. Also, your computer does not have to be running for the sync to happen. Files can be edited from your smartphone or iPad and the files will be instantaneously updated between the Google servers and the Dropbox server. Just set it and forget it: Wondershare InClowdz will do the sync all the time. You can sync between multiple Dropbox and Google Drive accounts for added flexibility. This is extremely useful in larger companies that may require the use of multiple accounts. So, now you know WHY you should sync Dropbox and Google Drive. You also know HOW you should sync Dropbox and Google Drive. The rest is up to you.