The 9 Biggest Technology Trends in 2021

The 9 Biggest Technology Trends in 2021
The Siliconreview
03 November, 2020

New technology is one of the things we experience in the world as technology is rapidly evolving yearly. Within a decade we have seen top technology trends and innovations that have led the world through digital transformation. Daniel Bennet is the featured author here, sharing his ideas on how these technologies have offered us new ways to tackle and solve our everyday problems in life with more efficiency.

A lot of money has been invested in technology and this has driven us towards a better functioning, enhanced workflows, and user experience. The advent of the Corona-virus pandemic further pushed the world towards the adoption of modern technology and because of this, we expect new and advanced technological improvements in the year 2021. Let us discuss the top 9 technological trends that would be coming out in 2021.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence has been a significant breakthrough that has been in adoption for a while and its usage would only increase more and more in the year 2021. Artificial intelligence simply consists of commands and interaction. There are a lot of AI programs which include speech recognition, pattern recognition, diagnosis, forecasting etc. the latest trend is that there are a lot of applications like Siri, Alexa, Uber, Netflix making use of artificial intelligence technology.

Even when conducting a search on the internet, search engines make      use of AI to provide better results. Another major reason for the popularity of artificial intelligence is in home automation whereby simple regular functions are being controlled by systems like Alexa-based systems that make use of Artificial intelligence.

 Canada is emerging as a global leader in artificial intelligence with Waterloo one of its main development hubs. The Waterloo AI Institute has over 100 different researchers who are working on the development of usable AI in fields like climate analysis, manufacturing, aerospace, clinical space, etc.

  1. Cyber-Security: Cyber-security is one of the technological trends that would be mentioned every year. There are a lot of malicious activities going on as far as the internet space is concerned. It is found from surveys that most cyber threats are now targeted at companies with fewer or fewer employees and one such popular trend is email phishing.

If you are connected to a network in one way or the other then you are at risk of any of these common cyber threats. New technological innovations include open source vulnerability development, block-chain security, homomorphic encryption, etc.

  1. Virtual reality (VR): In 2021 technology trends like virtual reality would offer more near to real-life experience and their application would increase across different fields. It simply infuses the user into an environment; this is achieved by stimulation of their hearing and vision thereby giving them a feeling as if they were experiencing the simulated environment firsthand.

One of the most popular applications of virtual reality is experienced in gaming with the PlayStation VR. VR is also used in other forms of entertainment even for educational purposes like virtual museums, galleries, discovery centers, and theaters. There is another application of virtual reality in simulation and training also in various fields like medicine and aviation. While this field has gotten a lot of recognition there are still issues that need to be looked into that would promote more immersion experience that is why top VR Canadian companies like Many Hats, VR Vision, Bit Space Development Ltd are continually working hard to make more advancements in VR.

  1. Augmented reality (AR): Some people do think that virtual reality and augmented reality is the same. But they aren’t, although they have similar features. Augmented reality enhances a real-life view with digital images. It commonly works with camera lenses and popular AR software like Snapchat.. AR technology is also used in enhanced navigation systems, 3D image Projection.
  2. Blockchain Technology: Most institutions come 2021 are developing blockchain technology for the prevention of internet fraud and information leakage at a very high scale. The name blockchain emanates from creating a link of blocks to form a chain that cannot be altered and it has no single entity governing it.

Blockchain technology is also related to cryptocurrency like bitcoin. In recent gambling, technological trends blockchain is being used by current online casinos as a form of payment. These online casinos don’t just offer favorite top games like baccarat, blackjack, free online slots, etc. they also offer different methods of payment like cryptocurrency, e-wallets, bank transfer as methods of deposit and withdrawal.

 Currently, we even have bitcoin casinos that accept and use bitcoin as a method of transaction. Its major positive includes; provision of good defense against hackers, eliminates the need for middlemen for a transaction, provides privacy, etc.

  1. 5G Network: 5G network is the next big thing everyone is talking about as far as mobile internet connectivity is concerned. After a decade of development, the 5G network has become a reality in some countries and areas. It offers transmission speed that surpasses the 4G network.

The transfer rate of the 5G network is in gigabytes per second and that is faster than any home broadband available. Other applications of the 5G network would be in IoT gadgets which would make them interconnect more smoothly, but the biggest drawbacks are concerns about its radiofrequency radiation.

Roger’s communication launched 5G in January 2020 in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa presently it has expanded its 5G network to reach 1330 towns and cities across Canada including Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, etc.

  1. Internet of Things: This technological trend has been around for a couple of years but we expect more adoption of this innovation. This means that thousands of devices would be able to connect together through unique identifiers which would allow data to be transferred over a network. Through IoT (Internet of Things) we have more smart devices, automation, and vehicles. Smart wearables such as Apple watches, smart homes like Google Home, or Alexa all make use of IoT.
  2. Development of aerospace technologies: Major companies like SpaceX and Blue origin are making giant strides in aerospace advancements. Even companies like Linkspace are also among the top companies. There will be more active space expansion and one of the major benefits is that one may be able to make intercontinental trips within a period of 30-40 minutes through space.
  3. Integration Between AR glasses and Smartphones: AR glasses and smartphones would have a connected design in 2021, whereby the smartphone will serve as a computing platform for the glasses. The production of new smartphones with 5G network compatibility means more audio-visual functionality in AR-based apps would be efficient and smooth.


The year 2021 is one to anticipate because of the new technological innovations we expect. It would be so exciting to make use of these technological breakthroughs in our everyday lives. Different fields like telecommunications, medicine, and agriculture would be greatly improved come 2021.