Bitcoin Loophole (Expert Review) - scam or legit?

Bitcoin Loophole (Expert Review) - scam or legit?
The Siliconreview
23 November, 2020

The Bitcoin Loophole application is an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. This software uses market price trends and signals to calculate profitable buy/sell positions. Bitcoin Loophole app's win-rate precision stands at 92 percent. By analyzing multiplex market trends, the application enables bitcoin traders to formulate informed trading strategies.

Cryptocurrency traders usually create a set of criteria for when the app should execute a buy or sell order. The system initiates this trade once the set criterion is met. The execution process is automated and therefore relieves traders the need to remain in front of your disk.

How much money can be made using Bitcoin Loophole?

Bitcoin Loophole is pretty simple to use and to start generating profits. The first thing to do is to create an account by registering on the platform. After researching the platform and testing its legibility, my team and I discovered some fantastic news for everyone looking to earn extra income. We found that traders can earn up to $5,000 per day using this technology trading platform. We also found out that Bitcoin Loophole has many daily active users who benefit daily through automated trading. 

For instance, my team started testing the platform using the minimum possible investment of $250. After our first session trading with the application, we generated a substantial $985. These are good figures for a beginner on the platform. We tested for the second and third time, and each time the earnings were consistent.

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Features of Bitcoin Loophole


Furthermore, the application has a trading speed rate of 0.01 seconds—an above-market average speed and one of the fastest. The team behind the application claim users will be able to reap daily profits through bitcoin and crypto.


The trading software was founded by John Mayers to provide trading signals at no cost. Bitcoin profits application executes buy and sell orders for users automatically after the user selected the broker of their choice. To date, the automated crypto trading software is free to use, and you will not find any hidden costs.

Deposit and withdrawals

Transactions on the platform can be managed using a single portal, which is simple and straightforward. Depositing funds take less than 20 minutes to complete, while withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Customer support

The customer support system is very vital for any investment platform. Bitcoin Loophole's customer service team is highly responsive to user queries. The service team is very dedicated and helpful, which makes the platform very dependable and trustworthy.

Is it Legitimate or another scam?

If you wonder whether the Bitcoin Loophole is legitimate trading software, note that it is useful and offers a reliable trading platform. The application favors both the novice and the professional crypto trader. Despite being developed to trade with bitcoin, the team has improved and added support for more coins and forex stocks.

How it Works

A smart criterion will enable the application to monitor market traffic and trends. And finally, spot profitable trading signals. The application executes buy orders when prices are low and initiates sell orders once the prices are high. This ensures traders earn profits as long as the market remains volatile and remember crypto volatility is an infinity thing.

However, note that coming up with an appropriate trading strategy requires analyzing and accurately discern market events. This, in turn, enables a trader to hypothesize and approximate the assets' market movement in question. There are several vital signals to be keen on, and these could allow you to identify profitable trading opportunities. The best thing about using automated trading software such as the Bitcoin Loophole app can handle and systemize your behalf' trading process.

Is it User Friendly?

Bitcoin Loophole app features an intuitive user interface that is simple to use. Both the beginner and professional trader will find a home at Bitcoin Loophole. The application implements Artificial Intelligence algorithms to place good orders on your behalf. This platform will conduct all the analysis and trading for you, hence reducing the barriers to entry. You do not need any formal training or experience to understand the bitcoin profits app's inner workings. All you do is sit and reap profits.

Bitcoin Loophole - Verdict

We can confirm that the Bitcoin Loophole app is outstanding. Every trader out there using this platform is regularly generating additional income. Many other investors have had a similarly profitable experience using this automated platform, as we experienced during our testing. The platform is entirely free for everybody anywhere in the world to join and start making money today. Visit the Bitcoin Loophole website now for more information.