Zanzibar - 6 Interesting Facts

Zanzibar - 6 Interesting Facts
The Siliconreview
06 November, 2020

There are many parts of the world that do not get the reputation that they rightfully deserve, which is a shame because many places are hidden jewels. Zanzibar is one of these locations, offering incredible exotic scenery, and beautiful culture.

You might be interested to know that there are quite a few facts about Zanzibar that are not very well known. Let’s take a look at some of these interesting facts together because Zanzibar really does have quite a few great selling points that make it worth the trip if you are looking for a new holiday destination when the coronavirus pandemic has ended.

1. Freddie Mercury

Something that you might not know about Zanzibar is that it is actually the birthplace of one of the most influential musicians from the last hundred years.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, was born in Zanzibar in 1946. Now, it’s probably likely that you have heard of the British rock band, Queen. They were considered at one point to be one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the UK in the history of music. They have toured the world over, changed the landscape of music forever, and Freddie Mercury was the larger-than-life, bombastic and incredibly talented lead singer. Unfortunately, he passed away following a battle with AIDS, but his spirit lives on in Queen, who continues to tour to this day. What really makes it cool is that Freddie Mercury came out of Zanzibar.

2. Spicy Economy

If you’re a fan of spicy food, then you will love it in Zanzibar. The primary economy for Zanzibar is a country is the spice trade. They deal in many common spaces that go all around the world.

Black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon are just a few of the different spices that Zanzibar is famous for. It forms the backbone of the economy, when they’re not being a fantastic tourist destination, and it’s just interesting to see how a country can focus exclusively on one particular thing and still do well. Spices that come from Zanzibar go all over the world.

3. Mini Warzone

You might not know this, but Zanzibar has the distinct honour of being the battleground for the shortest war in human history. In 1896, the United Kingdom and the inhabitants of Zanzibar had a very short war. It lasted around 40 minutes, and then a ceasefire was called.

This may not be of any particular relevance from a historical basis. Still, it’s also immensely entertaining to think that in the time it takes most people to cook and prepare a delicious meal, the entire war was fought, called to a close, and stopped.

4. All Year Long

If you want to visit Zanzibar and enjoy some of the beautiful temperatures that exist there, you don’t have to worry about planning any particular time to visit. Zanzibar actually has consistently high temperatures all year round, with 28° being about the minimum.

From a tourist perspective, this is absolutely fantastic. This means that you can pick your time and go when the flights are at the cheapest, or the weather over where you are is at its worst. Zanzibar is consistently warm, beautiful, and easy to enjoy, which means that quite a few people go there on a regular basis.

5. Colour TV

Ah, television. It’s one of those things that people really actively enjoy. Loads of people spend quite a lot of their time sitting in front of the television looking at all of the fantastic offerings thought up by creatives all across the world.

Colour television is something that was introduced in most western cultures as early as the 1960s. However, Africa was just a little bit behind in terms of colour television, with Zanzibar actually being the first place in Africa to have a colour TV. It was first introduced to the inhabitants in 1973 and has clearly stuck around.

6. Big Cats

If you’re somebody who is interested in big cats, then Zanzibar would’ve been the place to visit once upon a time. Zanzibar was actually home to a scarce species of leopard. Unfortunately, it is currently classed as being possibly extinct. No one has seen one in several years. Initially, Zanzibar leopards were first found in mainland Tanzania, and they were brought over as an addition to the Palace of Zanzibar.

They were released into the forest once they became too big to handle, and then they bred. Unfortunately, they were most likely hunted into extinction, as is often the case with rare and exotic wild animals.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can probably tell, Zanzibar is a beautiful and exotic destination that many people visit to enjoy a wonderful time away from home. Zanzibar has a lovely and thriving set of attractions for tourists and does have quite a rich history.

Ultimately, Zanzibar is definitely somewhere that you should visit if you’re looking for a brand-new place to explore. Wherever you go there for the incredible spices that are on offer, the beautiful scenery, or the connection to Freddie Mercury, there are plenty of choices for what you can and cannot do while you’re there. Ultimately, this is one of those locations which you should visit if you have the time, simply because no matter when you choose to go, it will look as perfect as always. So, why not visit Zanzibar? There’s definitely a lot to check out!