5 Brilliant Ways to Create Amazing Visuals for Your Facebook Ad

5 Brilliant Ways to Create Amazing Visuals for Your Facebook Ad
The Siliconreview
01 Decemebr, 2020

Looking for ways to create a stunning ad that'll stop people in their tracks? Take a look at our list to find out how you can do just that!

A platform like Facebook has billions of ads from all around the world. How can they not be? Facebook has become too big to not become an integral part of your business.

With over 2 million monthly active users and over 6 million advertisers promoting their brands, it’s easily the place you need to be in order to make your ad a success.

However, with so many brands competing for all at the same time on the same platform, it can get quite difficult to figure out how to create an ad that actually sticks.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you out with that! We’ll help you to create an ad that makes users stop when they’re scrolling and actually pay attention to your ad.

So, without further ado, here are 5 brilliant ways you can create amazing visuals for your Facebook ad:

1. Exhibit Your Products the Right Way

Whenever you're selling a product on Facebook, you need to make sure they're not presented in a vague manner. It's unlikely users will spend much time on your ad, so the trick is to attract their attention and pitch your product at first sight.

Switch to using higher quality photos of your products in order to make them stand out more and not look so basic. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in the same pool of generic, low-quality photo users and your ad won't catch anyone's attention. You'd be surprised by the difference it'll make. A high-quality photo has more impact than any unoriginal photo or a few lines of text.

Take a look at this cropping pictures app to get the best out of your photos!

Make the Most Out of Ad Formats

If you want to showcase multiple products, there's an ad format named Carousel that lets you exhibit up to 10 visuals within one single ad. This format is great for drawing attention to the diversity of your products and help to make them stand out more amongst the common, generic ads.

Not only that, but the carousel format is also interactive. Meaning customers can swipe to see all the products you have on display. This easily makes your ad more engaging and effective. It works great for physical products such as clothing, shoes, books, and accessories.

2. Go All Out With Illustrations and Icons

It's time to stop using boring old stock images and think about incorporating original graphics and illustrations to make your ad stand out. Illustrations can change the whole game and it's known to perform much better than the common stock photos that everyone uses.

Illustrations let you be creative, show your humor, and use personalized graphics to get your message across and draw attention. Not only are they original, but you can customize them as well. The best part is that you can make your illustrations feel relatable to your viewers as well!

The Benefit of Using Icons

Another way you can really make a difference is by using icons. You can customize the design, make them catchy, and be consistent with the color scheme all at the same time. The best perk of using icons is that they help you save a ton of space you'd have otherwise replaced with texts in some areas.

However, make sure that when you're using multiple icons in one ad that the style is constant. If you use different styles then you lose the power of creating an aesthetic appeal and in turn, ruin your ad and brand image.

3. Importance of Having a Right Color Scheme

Contrary to popular belief, colors are crucial when it comes to making a difference between a marvelous, successful ad and one that's not.

Before you start thinking of designs, think about Facebook's existing color scheme. It's mostly blue and white (or blue and black now thanks to the dark mode), so you should opt for bright or dark colors to make your ad stand out and pop.

If you end up using the same color scheme as Facebook's, then your ad will get ignored by users who are scrolling and eventually blend in with the rest of their feed. All forgotten and not worth a second glance.

To make your ad look visually more interesting, use a sharp contrast between the elements placed over it and the background. The only way you can make an ad ineffective is by using too much white space and not having enough visual content.

4. Create an Engaging Visual Story

Having an engaging and powerful visual story is key to having a successful Facebook ad. Just using photos or videos isn't enough. You need to make sure your ads have a detailed purpose behind it.

Start by thinking about why you're making the ad and what you want to communicate to the audience. You could be highlighting a benefit, solving a problem, or exhibiting a product.

Creating Relatable Ads

Whatever you're trying to sell, it's essential to make sure that it will make sense to the people who will be watching it.

The idea is to make your audience relate themselves with your brand. They don't want to be just sold a product, they want to know that you understand their interests, beliefs, and values. Ads that use images have a higher chance of conveying deeper meanings with your audience and connect on a personal level.

Once you achieve that, your sales will increase automatically. Just remember to use a minimal amount of text in your images to help make it easier to understand to the audience.

5. The Power of Using Videos

Not only are videos interesting, but they are engaging as well. They help to tell a story better than many other content types and it works! People spend a great deal of time on video content on Facebook.

There have been studies done that show customers are more likely to purchase more products from watching videos than by looking at a static image. Thanks to Facebook's ad format for videos, it's easier for advertisers to help get your message across and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Short Videos and The Importance of Subtitles

Remember to keep your videos short, around 15 seconds or so because most people don't have the time to watch videos that never seem to end. Not to mention, sponsored content is avoided or swiped away too quickly as well. The key is to grab your audience's attention within the first seconds of your video.

Finally, keep in mind that videos can also make an impact without having any audio to it. Many people choose not to unmute videos when they're scrolling because they have subtitles. We recommend using this neat little trick to ensure that your video is just as effective as it would be if it was unmuted.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we'd like to say that we hope our list helps you to get an idea of what you'll need to make that ad of yours visually stunning and amazing.

There's no rush, do your research well and find out what works and go from there! It's not likely you'll create the best ad on your first try, so play around with ideas and take inspiration from big and famous brands to see how they do it.

Don't forget to let us know in the comments how this article has helped you and also share it amongst your friends!