Complete Persuasive Essay Writing Guide

Complete Persuasive Essay Writing Guide
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04 Decemebr, 2020

How do you write a persuasive essay? How do you get people to believe in your message? Finally, how do you get someone to read your essay and see things from your point of view?  How easy is it? The truth is, doing any of these is no piece of cake. This is why most people prefer to hire an essay writer  to get the job done for them. Whether you’re going down that path or not, this article is for you.

The idea behind writing a persuasive essay is to get the reader to completely accept whatever message it is that you are trying to pass. When you’re writing this type of essay, you’re trying to align the reader with your views and opinions. If you can’t persuade anyone into doing what needs to be done, then your essay is incomplete.

In your academic career, you will definitely come across persuasive essays once or twice. This means that you will have to pick a side in an argument and write down points that will get the readers on your side as convincingly as possible. It’s almost like a regular debate. Only this time, you are not debating with a person. Instead, you are most likely debating against an existing system and you are doing it on paper.

It is a lot more different than a formal discussion, since your debate would most likely  stand against a systemic phenomenon and you would not be able to hear your opponent speak. It also means that once you have written and submitted the paper, it’s done. No counter-arguments can be pushed from your end again. This is why when you write that essay, it has to counter pre-existing, currently existing and future arguments. There is no space for second-guessing. It has to be as persuasive as the actual definition of that word. Now, how do you write a persuasive essay?


Before you start writing, you need to first choose a topic from the deep pool of persuasive essay topics out there. Sometimes, you will be given a suitable topic by your instructor. Other times, you have to come up with the topic by yourself. If the second scenario is your case, you have to make sure that your topic is one which sparks an actual argument.

Your topic has to be interesting enough to get your readers hooked. You should choose a topic that fights for a reasonable cause, has some controversy attached to it and has the tendency to get people agitated like a group of men arguing whether Ronaldo or Messi is the greatest soccer player.

Not sure how to choose the right topic? You can always ask your professor or any essay writer online for help.

After choosing the topic, pick a side or perspective. The stance  you opt for should be one where your strengths are greatly heightened. Go for a rational argument and make sure it appeals to the emotions of humans reading it. It also has to touch all the right nerves. Try to imagine what side your audience will be on. This will help you come up with an argument that appeals to them.

Research deeply on your topic, get facts, statistics, data and as much information as is needed on it. Foresee the objections that may be raised in the minds of the readers. Have your evidence carefully laid out.


If anyone ever told you that you could just jump into essay writing without creating a proper structure, they lied. You need to layout the skeleton  of your essay before you begin to flesh things out. If you do not do this, you will be as stuck as a deer in headlights. Here’s what a typical  essay structure looks like.


If you have big guns, this is where you bring them. The person reading your essay does not intend to go through the entire essay before they get your message. They need to understand what you are talking about from the beginning. As the essay continues, you begin to hit the points harder and harder, but you need to start strong from the beginning. You can start with a quote, a statistical report, anything. Just make sure that whatever you start with would grab your reader’s attention immediately. It is at this point that you have to include a thesis statement, and it has to be one that immediately stirs conflict in the mind of the reader.


This is where you have to start convincing the reader. Use strongly convincing words, stats, fact, data, and information to back up your flowery words. If you carried out any research at the beginning (which you most likely did), you'd have to whip out your strong points here.  Do not mistake persuasion for being confrontational. Remember that you aren't forcing your views down their throats. Neither are you fighting them for having any views they may have. What you are doing is making sure they look at their views when you are done and realize that yours is better. You want to show them the crack in their walls.


Even if you're a rookie at essay writing, do not just conclude your persuasive essay like one. Always try to leave with a massive parting shot that will firmly imprint your views in the mind of your readers.

This way, even if there was any shred of doubt left in their hearts, your conclusion would smash it to pieces. Then, include something that makes your reader begin to ask serious questions.

Once you're done with the conclusion, you could take a break before proofreading. Give it a day or two, then return and make all the necessary corrections. This way, you'd be sure that your essay is gleaming.

Final thoughts

Persuasive essays can be a tad difficult to write. From trying to buttress your points with evidence to actually convincing your readers, there's no easy way out. However, with these tips listed above, you'd definitely find the writing process easier and more fun.

You shouldn't get so caught up in the writing process that you forget to edit your essay. Without editing, your essay would be just like unrefined gold and that's definitely not a compliment.

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