How to Have a Great Co-Founder Relationship

How to Have a Great Co-Founder Relationship
The Siliconreview
07 Decemebr, 2020

With a growing successful business, you need to establish a great co-founder relationship, for a healthy balance in the workplace.

The thought of starting a business might seem easy at first, but the process of establishing is quite tricky and tougher than usual. However, with healthier surroundings, support from the staff and colleagues, and great business strategies, it can be made a whole lot easier.

Even if you plan on starting a business all by yourself, it is better to say that having a partner makes things easier, and you can see fruitful results in less amount of time.

Having a strong and successful co-founder relationship will also make you feel more secure about trusting your business partner with all your business secrets and strategies. When things become hard to control single-handedly, a partner always acts as a savior.

If you aren’t as good as your co-founder in interacting or handling people and business relationships, your partner can do that work. There are more pros than cons to having a co-founder.

If there is a possibility of conflict with other business partners or clients, your co-founder can help you overcome such situations, with a suitable solution.

How to Define Business Relationships?

Business relationships are connections that are established via the process of doing business. These connections can be regarding the engagement of commerce and the economy.

These relationships can be between the head of the business and the stakeholders. It is extremely important to have healthy relationships among employers and employees, to maintain harmony and create an ideal working environment.

This also includes other associates and people like co-founders. The relation can be quite big, including customers, sales leads, vendors, banks, service providers, etc.

Governmental agencies might be linked with a business too. The business’s link with a social media platform and their companies play a huge role as well. So it is wise to be on good terms with the staff and heads of these companies.

Having a great business relationship is a necessary step towards success, but people often forget that, or aren’t aware of it, and don’t feel like putting effort towards it.

Business families should grow bigger with competent and skilled workers, who you think are capable of meeting the needs of your workplace. You need people who are trustworthy and you can look up to for support, advice, and insights.

A relationship should have a healthy balance of giving and take, so should a business relationship.

Why Do You Need a Co-founder?

If you want to build a business empire, doing everything by yourself can be stressful and time-consuming. It is always better to have some kind of help. Having a co-founder takes off a lot of stress from yourself and saves you time and energy.

To begin with, if you are new to this entrepreneur world, you need someone experienced to guide you, give direction and insights on business strategies.

This will speed up the process of building the business. Not to mention, there will be greater chances of success in your favor. The responsibilities can be divided and the advantages can be shared.

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How to Find the Right Co-founder?

The most important aspect of finding a suitable co-founder would be the fluidity of the relationship. The essence of friendship should be present in a more comfortable atmosphere. It might sometimes be hard to find the right match.

Someone with whom you can discuss the business should also have a comfort level to discuss weaknesses, insecurities, and struggles about it. Building a relationship can be a bit challenging if both of your personalities and ideologies contradict.

So it is better to look for someone with whom your ethics and thoughts match to some level, and doesn't have to match everything. Sometimes contradiction is good, considering their ideas and views might be different from yours, it could bring better changes and possibilities in the business.

Some consider choosing family or friends for the position of co-founder. This is mainly because of pre-gained trust and familiarity. However, this has its cons too. Including a relative or friends with your business can mean, if they mess up it’ll be harder for you to take strict action towards them.

This can take horrible turns, and ruin your old relationship for the sake of business.

How to Establish a Relationship with your Co-founder?

Just like any relationship, this relationship also requires time, patience, and space, with communication and transparency. There should be a lot of interactions for the understanding of ideas and views, and to avoid any kind of miscommunication that might lead to a loss in business.

Being open and transparent with your co-founder and vice versa can save you from jeopardizing your business. The relationship between you and your co-founder can reflect a lot on the future and profits of the business. There is a great possibility of your business facing a loss due to a stale in your relationship.

1. Be Transparent to your Co-founder

It is very important to show your authentic personality and views when it comes to dealing with business and choosing a co-founder. If you are not open about it there might be problems when reflecting on views and sharing insights on how to develop a business. You should look for a partner with whom you can connect and trust.  The connection should be easy and natural for accelerating your business.

2. Shared Goals and Ideals

Look for people who share the same goals, values, and views as you. You need to see how they deal with people. How are they in handling situations and emergencies?  Are they knowledgeable and helpful to others?

It is mainly about their morals. If they contradict yours, it might be troublesome and the whole project can be a failure. People often pretend to be someone else to gain their advantages.

So be thorough about identifying these shared goals and ideals, to avoid loss in the future and a bad reputation due to their possible bad behavior.

3. Mutual Respect

To develop respect takes some time, as you need to know the other person to some extent to gain respect for them. So spending time with each other can help you develop respect for each other.

You need to communicate as well as hang out with each other often both inside and outside the work premises. Having mutual respect is necessary for a growing relationship.

4. Disclose Weaknesses

Admitting and discussing your weaknesses as an opening act can be of great help. This makes you aware of each other’s weaknesses so that you can try and put effort to fill in the void.

It also acts as a medium of growing trust towards each other. Sharing your vulnerability shows you find the other person trustworthy, which will also help them to be more authentic to you.

5. Be There for Each Other

You need to show loyalty towards them, by proving that you will be at their side no matter what. This is like an assurance. With trust, it will be easier to build a very strong connection between you and your co-founder.

Try not to show excessive emotions, you have to keep in mind it is also a professional relationship. However, this also proves if anything goes wrong with the business you will be together to build it up all over again.

The Legal Aspect

You can compare this relationship to marriage, there should be legal documents for agreements and contracts. The legal aspect can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but it is necessary for the security of your business.

You need an adequate and ample amount of knowledge on the legal side of the business. The more you know the better, to avoid any kind of mishaps and it will be easy to find a solution.

The start-up basic knowledge regarding the legal parts of business include:

  • The amount of commitment expected from each other.
  • How to resolve an issue, when you see the co-founder isn’t working or providing as expected from them?
  • The ultimate goal of the business.

Suggestions on a Balanced Co-founder Relationship

There are some concrete tips to follow for a healthy and balanced relationship between you and your co-founder, here are some of them:

  • To be clear and precise about your goal for the business.
  • Discuss the in-depth responsibilities and the extends.
  • The need for legal documentation.
  • The idea of handling and working together.
  • The need for spending quality time outside the office premises.
  • Always be open to your opinion.
  • Effective communication and discussion.

Examples of Successful Co-founded Businesses

These are some examples of co-founded businesses that did outstanding, and still are at the peak of their business venture.

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter

They are successful because of the great relationship they have with their co-founders. Similar views and aspirations play a huge role here.

Build Great Co-founder Relationship, to Excel in Business

Now that you know the essentials to have a healthy and balanced relationship with a co-founder, you’re just a few steps away from achieving your goals with your fellow co-founder.

Act at bonding with both your partner and business.