How to Identify and Resolve Some Common Internet Issues?

How to Identify and Resolve Some Common Internet Issues?
The Siliconreview
15 Decemebr, 2020

Network issues are quite irritating and unwanted, and can greatly affect the workflows of your employees. That is why businesses invest in IT teams to take care of all network-related issues. However, it is stressful when your IT team is not available and an important deliverable is pending. Such an instance is quite challenging and worrisome. Read this blog to find out about some easy fixes for internet issues.

Frequent Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues are quite frequent on wireless networks. A primary reason is data loss during network transmission. These issues mostly arise due to the wireless router or network card. Make sure that you use quality routers and network cards best suited to your browsing needs both personally and professionally. I have a gaming router that complements my high-bandwidth Spectrum internet plan. As a result, I enjoy a smooth and excellent gaming routine.

To fix connectivity issues, place your router close to your device. If it still doesn’t work then try updating the software on your network card. If this doesn’t work then you need to contact an IT technician.

Viruses and Malware

In the first place, avoid opening any dubious email attachments or downloading suspicious software apps on your device. Why? Because these files from unreliable sources may come with a virus that may affect your network.

Run a complete network scan with the help of reliable antivirus. Delete all the malware programs when the scan finishes. Another good practice that comes in handy is backing up your data. In case of severe virus infection, at least you won’t lose your data.

Snail-like Browsing Speed

You may feel you’re getting the internet speed that your ISP has advertised but the websites load slowly. This issue is quite common and unpleasant. Usually, users experience slow browsing issues when a lot of tabs are open.

Try removing the unnecessary extensions in your browser to enhance browsing speeds. You should also refrain from opening websites in new tabs that you don’t really need to visit. Moreover, you should try restarting your PC to refresh its memory (RAM) as well. Your internet speed may be back to normal after a successful reboot.

Exhaustion of IP Address

Your network may not work if your system is unable to track your IP address. You may receive a text that the DHCP server did not receive an IP address. Make sure to check the network adapter to confirm this. There may be a couple of reasons why this happens. The device might be set to a static IP address instead of to a DHCP address. The second may be that the DHCP request from the device is not reaching the server.

Check the “Network Interface Card” (NIC) in Control Panel. Select “Hardware and Sound” and select “Device Manager”. Here, check out all the network adapters and verify if your system is configured on DHCP or not. Now, check which Virtual LAN (VLAN) port is set as a member. Once you do this, check if the other devices on the network are displaying an IP address or not. If they are not, then your network is not sending DHCP requests to the server. Contact an IT administrator for in-depth analysis and solution.

No Access to Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks help to ensure safe connections between local clients and remote servers. If the device disconnects from the local server, you may not be able to connect to your preferred server.

Make sure that the local server does not disconnect from the client device. Try connecting the VPN on another device to verify if it’s a device-limited or widespread issue. You can also check if your firewall is blocking the connection or not. To do this, temporarily turn off your firewall. If this works then make sure to update your firewall. This update should be specific to port numbers that are in your use. If none of the above solutions work then the server may be heavily crowded. Another possibility may be that it is down. Contact an IT technician to resolve this issue.

In case a problem persists and you require an immediate solution then seek the help of an IT expert. I have to travel to another state on a weekly basis. So, the Spectrum phone number is on my speed dial in case there’s an issue that’s beyond me. Remember, if you can’t fix it yourself, get an expert on board. Remember, if you can’t fix it yourself, get an expert onboard instead of taking any chances and mishandling your electronic devices in the process.