Importance of a Strong User Experience

Importance of a Strong User Experience
The Siliconreview
04 Decemebr, 2020

A consumer's experience with a product or device shapes how they feel about using its services going forward. For platforms that encourage continued use, which is almost all of them, there has to be elements in place that make their experience as smooth as possible. The user experience, or UX, is how well a consumer can interact with the product they use and how easily they can accomplish their tasks with it.

What makes a good UX is how strong an impression a consumer is left with after using a service or product. Everything from their interactions with the product, how fast their activities are completed, to how smooth the experience was are all determining factors in whether or not their experience was a good one.

If a UX isn't well designed, a consumer might not want to use that product any longer and will not feel compelled to buy any others of that brand, making this a focal point for businesses to cater to, especially in the case of software-as-a-service platforms which require consistent usage in order to be sustainable.

How a Good UX Stands Out

What separates a good experience from a bad one is how efficiently the user can get their task done and whether or not they feel their time was spent wisely accomplishing it. The SaaS UX best design practices all focus on encouraging their users to continue using the platforms by simplifying any complex procedures to the best degree possible.

One example of a great UX would have to be a service like PayPal, whose mobile app lists every vital piece of information in one page so that users can check their account information with just a quick glance.

Many UX developers integrate design philosophies like simplicity, minimization, and personalization to create a connection with users that encourages them to take advantage of all the product's features.

A user experience should avoid any kinds of issues that could detract from usability, these could include crashes, slowdown, or bugs that detract from using the device or program in the intended way, as well as provide enough information so that consumers are aware of different features that could help them utilize the platform better.

The biggest factor that sets the UX apart from other service offerings within a SaaS platform is how consistently it will be used. The user experience is at the root of every single interaction a consumer has with a service and it’s how their impression of it will be molded long after they're done with the current task.

A SaaS platform needs to encourage its users to keep their subscriptions going as long as possible, and the only way to do that is to provide them with enough reasons to do so.

At the end of the day, the one thing businesses strive for most is a way to satisfy their customers. By keeping strong user experience design philosophies in mind when they launch their products, devices, and services, they can ensure that customers will have a clear understanding of how to use those goods as efficiently as possible.