Top 5 Easy Application You Can Develop Using JavaScript

Top 5 Easy Application You Can Develop Using JavaScript
The Siliconreview
14 Decemebr, 2020

Did you know that JavaScript is the most popular language on earth? Well, according to a study conducted by Stack Overflow, JavaScript is one of the most common and most interesting languages to learn. JavaScript is inescapable, and most developers require some basic level of proficiency to get their projects done. If you are interested in becoming a web developer or want to practice coding online, JavaScript is one of the best languages to start with. There is so much you can do with this knowledge that could quickly turn you into a professional developer. Here are five JavaScript projects you can undertake that match your skill and interest.

Create a JavaScript Map

If you have used Google Maps to check on a location or change your view mode, you were using an essential creation built with JavaScript. The language has a dynamic ability to make unique objects, which makes it the ideal tool for creating interactive maps on a web map. You don't need to re-create Google Maps on your first experiment but aim at a simple JavaScript project that you can make using frameworks. You can also look at some collections of JavaScript libraries that have pre-written reusable code. This allows you to experiment and familiarize yourself with the JavaScript map-making capabilities.

Build Animated Navigation Toggle

When creating website menus using HTML and CSS, you are limited to building links that shift the user from one static page to another. You need JavaScript that lets you create collapsible, drop down and excellent animated navigation systems when doing web development. Once you get the hang of JavaScript programming language, you will be able to crank out animated navigation toggles for potential employers and clients as it is part of the internet.

Build a Clock

If you are using web applications or working on a website with a self-updating time feature, the chances are that it's powered by a JavaScript code. JavaScript clocks are not only the best for all your JavaScript projects but also allow you to get hands-on experience with the actual kind of work you will be doing as a JavaScript developer.

Create a Tip Calculator

A tip calculator comes in handy when we are unable to make simple calculations in our everyday activities. The good news? You can Google what you want to calculate and get an answer immediately through a tip calculator. This calculator is a perfect product of JavaScript. It is easy to have fun with such kinds of projects as you learn your JavaScript language.

Create Sliding JavaScript Drawers

Creating a sliding JavaScript drawer is one of the easiest and interesting projects for beginners. GitHub is a JavaScript plugin that lets you add a sliding drawer menu on screen from top to bottom left to right, depending on your preference, on your app or website.

There are dozens of projects you can undertake with JavaScript. For more complex projects, you will need to practice more and get your JavaScript fluency up to the next level. As you gain more experience, your imagination will be the only thing holding you back.