Cloud-based Digital Signage Software: Pros and Cons!

Cloud-based Digital Signage Software: Pros and Cons!
The Siliconreview
13 January, 2021

Digital signage has brought a significant change in how businesses approach their communication with your internal and external audience. The solutions have transformed sending messages, live streams and advertising, making everything much better than before. As a result, digital signage software has become quite popular across B2B and B2C businesses.

If you wish to invest in digital signage, you will have to go with either an on-premise or cloud-based digital signage system. Your digital signage software will play a crucial role in facilitating the management of digital signage displays. When you make the right choice for your business, it will be easier to schedule content, manage groups or create a playlist. If you want a smooth and seamless process, you must select the right solution, like Look DS as an example. You might be thinking that you should probably go with a cloud-based digital signage software but are not sure if it is the right one for your needs. Below, we break down some of its pros and cons to enable you to make an informed decision. Take a look.


Optimum flexibility

The best thing about cloud-based digital signage software is that it allows you to expand and increase displays in the future without incurring extra costs. Unlike on-premise digital signage software that is relatively expensive, cloud-based one is quite flexible and is the best choice for small organizations. It is a solution that will meet your business needs without much spending.

Service providers control it

When you choose a cloud-based digital signage solution, your content management will be done via the internet by experts. You are not liable for the system's operations. Your media content storage, display schedules, and everything else are done through a browser. The software is not based on your workplace, but the servers operate remotely while efficiently delivering content to your display players. You get peace of mind when you know that the system is in the hands of an expert service provider. They will do the job correctly since it is something they have been doing for a while and have served several businesses with almost the same needs as yours.

Therefore, when you have a reliable team working with you, you can concentrate on other business areas. You get to leave software management, control and maintenance to the professionals.


With a cloud-based digital signage solution, you do not have to worry about having IT resources handle the system. If you lack extensive IT resources, you will not have to incur extra costs to train your employees or hire a separate team for the system's upkeep and updates. Your service providers have an effective team to cater to all your needs since they manage and control the cloud-based digital signage software. Your work will only be to dispatch the duties to them and pay for the services, which is relatively affordable than assembling your team. Since you do not have ownership of the solution, you will be paying to use it. You will only have to worry about the ongoing costs, but you will save on other expenses like maintenance and hiring costs, which can be substantial.


Your business has a lot on its plate already. The day-to-day activities alone can be overwhelming, especially if you happen to be under-staffed. You do not have to worry about the daily execution of your digital marketing strategies. When you incorporate a cloud-based digital signage solution, you will have experts handling the system, which spares you the quality time needed to attend to other more important responsibilities.


Security concerns

The downside to cloud-based software is that you are never in control since your data is stored in servers. If something goes wrong or you encounter some internet hackers, your data can end up in the wrong hands. You can become vulnerable quite fast while losing a significant investment amount. If you want to be a bit safer with your approach, you can opt for a solution that ensures all your data remains within your organization's network. Better yet, you can stick with cloud-based software. This will address security concerns like dealing with hacks since you will take your time to look for a reputable service provider who uses extra security measures.

Cloud-based digital signage software is the best for any business, thanks to its monetary benefits, expert handling and time-saving abilities. The software also comes with optimum flexibility and can adapt to your business’s display needs. If you plan to expand in the future, this should be your first choice. If you are worried about security, it can be guaranteed if you work with the right provider.