Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard: An Overview

Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard: An Overview
The Siliconreview
27 January, 2021

Commission Hero is an online course by Robby Blanchard designed to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

If we tell you, you only spend a few hours a day earning thousands of dollars from your property, how does it feel? Would you feel like jumping out of the chair?

In a world like this, living at home and making money each day is appealing. There is no reason for you to think about expenses, budgets, or financial considerations.

Knowing that you have a lot of money in your bank account and not having to think twice about what you want to do is a huge relief in itself.

It is now a definite probability, thanks to Commission Hero's initiatives! In a month, you can breathe financial freedom and start earning a steady income while sitting in the back seat of an Uber or shopping at the supermarket. Turn the Internet into a real ATM!

If you are concerned about the Commission Hero, check out an in-depth review of the Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard.

Robby Blanchard and Commission Hero

Robby Blanchard, the Commission Hero's creator, went into affiliate marketing full time around 2017, and now his monthly sales have reached a million dollars. 

He became the first member of Clickbank, the world's most popular digital goods alliance network.

With affiliate marketing, you do not need to create, offer, or sell anything. Just choose offers made by others and promote them.

You do not need to purchase affiliate marketing as you do not have to buy anything. You do not have to pay for beautiful websites or complicated channels, so the cost is not high.

Expanding scalability through membership means more to do. Unlike e-commerce or services, you do not need to buy more products or hire employees to scale your business.

Since Robby is a newbie to member games, he has removed 99% of the junk that school vendors play most often. These organizations were formed in the early 2000s. Now they mostly make money on their lists and are not active in new members' daily activities.

So what does it mean? If he continues to follow the old strategy, that is simple, and he will continue to get the same results repeatedly. The method might work for some, but it will not be possible in 2021. 

Imagine a cell phone in 2000 compared to today in 2021. In a way, it is a cell phone, but when you start to compare, they are far apart. Many of us used the button phone in 2000 for making calls or sending text messages.

Today, we can play amazing games, take beautiful photos, and even do business with them. It can be used as a mini-computer.

Now imagine doing all this work on a 2000 flip phone? It is impossible. Even if you had a cell phone with a built-in camera or apps, there was no Google Play or App store back then. These products were minimal, and hardly anyone used them.

Understand me? Affiliate marketing has changed, and you need to think outside the box to reach Robby Blanchard's level. Check how affiliate marketing is reshaping advertising.

How Does Robby Do it?

Robby Blanchard designed Commission Hero in the easiest way. Even if you are a beginner, it only includes 3 steps to increase your daily income to $1000.

Let's present each of them in detail:

Finding an Offer - Finding the right offer is the first step to success

Robby has been through many member networks, like Clickbank, to learn how to find deals.

He has strategies and shortcuts. He almost knows if the product will change.

Choose the best niche or a time-sensitive niche for the best conversion.

Create a landing page - Consider the offer and quickly create a landing page for it.

Robby shows you how to create a 7-digit funnel landing page. ClickFunnels is preferred, but you can use others.

Learning to select images and learning to copy easily but efficiently are essential.

Post Ads on Facebook - Time to test your offer and make money

Learn to choose the right image.

Ad text is the other half of high-quality FB ads.

Now you can see similar steps or complete processes in different systems or programs throughout the year. It is one of Commission Hero's best parts as it goes back to the roots of affiliate marketing.


Okay, let's get started because we are already excited to share with you the knowledge you will learn from Robby. This will let your income reach 6 or even 7 digits, which will be your additional return.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, this guide can help you.

How do you want to attract visitors, leads, and even an audience based on the knowledge you have learned from Robby and turn at least 30% of the deal into free sales?

Sounds good? This is a strategy that we have been using for a while now, and it has had an amazing impact on the people we share it with.

It is based on a combination of your "commission here" activities (landing pages and FB ads) and free search engine traffic.

When you experience the power of the bonus, you will not believe how simple it is.