Mobile Slots VS Brick and Mortar Casino Slots

Mobile Slots VS Brick and Mortar Casino Slots
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2021

Before 1996, gambling was restricted to its traditional environments of betting shops, arcades and of course bricks and mortar casinos. This was not an ideal situation for the gambling industry to be in, as these traditional places limited the growth and potential of gambling products that had mass appeal, but no way of reaching a larger audience - play online casino.

There was also the problem with the image and reputation of some of these places. Betting shops were seen as hostile environments for many gamblers, especially females who would find these male dominated arenas highly intimidating. Arcades were similar and land-based casinos had image problems too.

The Digital Revolution

The digital revolution presented the gambling industry with a huge opportunity to alter its image and move with the changing times. Luckily, the gambling industry embraced the new opportunities that the digital revolution presented and this move proved to be highly beneficial to the industry and it also secured its future.

The major changes that occurred were the introduction of online casinos and online slots. These two innovations helped introduce gambling games to a mass audience and these games could be played without the need of betting shops, arcades or brick and mortar casinos.

Mobile Slots

Online casinos have now become the first port of call for gamblers. This is mostly down to the control punters have in the environment they gamble in. Players can gamble from desktop computers in the privacy of their own homes. In fact, since 1996, slots gambling online has become the main revenue creator for the gambling industry and last year this alone brought in £2 billion in revenue.

However, another innovation that was introduced a few years ago made slots gambling even more flexible and popular than it already was at the time. The advancement in mobile gadgetry such as smartphones now means that many people live their lives on these devices. Smartphones have become a necessity to many individuals and most people do not leave their homes without them.

Mobile devices, including smartphones, have advanced in recent years and the quality and the size of the screen displays have improved dramatically.  Most online casinos now offer a mobile version of their sites. You can access online casino slot games whilst out and about and all you need is a reliable WiFi signal. Mobile slots have advantages and disadvantages. They are easy to access and the game choice is vast. All budgets are catered for and they can be played at any location of your choosing. The disadvantages are mostly regarding security such as cybercrime or having your device stolen whilst being distracted by a slot game.

Brick and Mortar Casino Slots

Land-based casinos still have their place in the modern gambling world. Obviously they bring a social element to gambling and punters are given an experience as well as a night out. Mobile slots offer more game choice and they do not focus on high rollers. Punters do however favour mobile slots and this has affected the popularity of land-based casinos in many countries.