The best strategies to write a conclusion

The best strategies to write a conclusion
The Siliconreview
12 January, 2021

A good conclusion brings out the beauty of any writing and as a writer one would consider having that taken care of. Most people struggle to conclude their writings especially those without experience and starting their writing journey or not to go too far students. The good thing about most problems with writing is that there are solutions readily available and ways to get past them. Some people would just decide to buy written ones or have someone do so for them which is also completely legal and obtainable. If one decides to take this option it is wise to seek professionals so that there is value for money.

Making use of the introduction or introductory paragraph

A good conclusion should refer back to the introduction so that the reader doesn’t feel like he/she is reading another write up entirely. Though the writer would refer to the introduction he doesn’t just copy and paste.


Paraphrasing is one of the best strategies implored by any good writer and here is why. If you had a point which you want to take care of in the conclusion it would go this way. “Cows love grasses better than birds” when paraphrasing you can have it this way “Birds don’t love grasses as much as cows”. It is obviously the writer is saying the same thing but without paraphrasing the work just looks mediocre.

Avoid repetition

Verbatim repetition be it from your essay or writing in the conclusion is not a good strategy at all. It makes one's work look redundant and uninteresting to read at all. You should note that even after a wonderful writing if the conclusion isn’t good it puts a dent on the write up.

Avoid making new points

Any argument or point that a writer doesn’t make in a write up shouldn’t pop up in the conclusion. Sometimes it is hard for a young writer and that makes the writing look unorganized and that is why one must make sure that all his/her points are noted before writing to check this mistake. 

Use of quotation

Feel free to make use of quotations to juice it up. The quotations may come from personal research done for the paper, this helps to spice up the writing and buttress your points. Quotations come in handy but it is important to know when to use them and how to do so and just like everything too much of these wouldn’t be good for a conclusion.

Touch your main points

Your main points in the essay or writing should be touched as they make up or confirm ones argument. While doing so it is best not to dwell so much on any since the aim is to reduce the length.

Structuring the conclusion paragraphs

A good conclusion paragraphs to average between 60 – 75 words. Its best to begin by retouching the original idea and creating a connection between them. They should be long enough to make the reader get the idea of the writer but not too long that ideas are exhausted and it then looks like too much emphasis is made on the point.

Get professional assistance

Sometimes the best strategy would be to get help from professionals if one is not capable of getting the writing done. To buy research paper would be top choice for someone who just wants to avoid the stress that comes with writing but would want a quality writing delivered. Most sites that offer assistance in terms of writing don’t just write conclusions as it would be very silly to ask for such. This means that the whole package from introduction to conclusion is what the customer should expect to get from professionals, meaning they would have sound quality and not plagiarized.