Why Use Niche Ad Networks?

Why Use Niche Ad Networks?
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2021

Ad networks are basically groups of webmasters who sell inventory on their websites that appear in Google's search results. In short, ad networks are a type of company that enables internet users and website owners to place online ads on their sites.

They are created to help website owners generate more sales and revenues, as well as increase website rankings and visitors.

The most challenging part comes when you should market your goods to a particular target audience. Obviously, if you choose using an advertising network that drives no targeted users to your website, it would be useless. Eventually, you may drive some new visitors to your website, but there would be no conversions and that would generally result in a waste of time and money for your company.

So, in this article, I’ll be discussing how to find profitable advertising networks that help you generate leads and sales.

How Niche Ad Networks Win the Game?

When you start marketing your business online, there are a few different options to choose from, but one of the most common is to use niche ad networks.

They're a great way to get the exposure of your business needs alongside with the results you're looking at. However, you need to know which one would meet your needs and how to use it in the correct way.

To make your advertising more effective you could always resort to using niche ad networks that would allow you to target specific niches for a wider reach and better conversions. In a world, where buyers expect a significant, customized insight on each gadget they use, niche advertising networks may hit the imprint in a manner others can't.

These networks are not like regular networks. They allow only specific types of products to be promoted via their ad inventory thus finding the best fit in terms of the audience for particular projects.

Using ad networks relevant to your niche for targeting only those users within that niche would be more worthy than using regular networks.

Targeting Crypto-Related Audience

Back in the times the only way to get targeted customers proved to be a private outreach or direct collaboration with crypto associated publishers.

But from time to time, several ad networks have been introduced in the market to solve the problem of niche marketing.

Finding a good ad network isn’t difficult for targeting a regular audience.

However, finding an advertising network that works for a specific niche (for ex. cryptocurrency), can be challenging for the majority of people since there are many such ad networks working on niche marketing but not everyone is worth being opted for because of lack of quality and niche relevant traffic.

If you do a good job setting up your ad, then you can expect to get a lot of traffic to your website by simply using a niche ad network. Once you have a good amount of traffic coming to your website, you can use it to turn it into conversions and boost your ROI.

Several big players in the online business realm have come out and declared their support for cryptocurrency. Although a bit hard to digest at first, it's actually an exciting development to have so many companies and brands taking notice of the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency future since, in coming years, everything would go digital.

A lot of these businesses are looking to take advantage of the power of a cryptocurrency by implementing this technology into their business models. Some of them are going as far as putting their money where their mouth is and declaring their support for this incredible new technology.

Difficulties in Finding the Right Ad Network

There are various difficulties in finding the right audience while marketing a crypto product. These may be censorship, privacy concerns, approval from traditional advertising platforms, and finding the right (targeted) audience for your business.

Censorship is a massive issue now because ad networks are restricting many advertisements related to cryptocurrency. Getting approved by them is hard these days since they don’t allow to promote crypto products.

Along with these issues, users have been concerned with their privacy even when we talk about online advertisement since a lot of companies sell data of its users (without their knowledge) for money.


To solve the problem, there are several crypto ad networks in the market that work on the principle of niche marketing but not everyone is worth choosing.

Amongst all, Bitmedia would be the perfect solution for advertisers who have been searching for the bitcoin ad network for the crypto market as per my personal experience with this advertising network.

Founded back in 2015, Bitmedia has been growing quite rapidly having statistics of 1B+ monthly impressions and 20M+ unique visits which is a great number to consider. The reason it stands out from others is because of the quality they provide to its publishers and as well as advertisers.

Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the targeted audience, you should try out Bitmedia and thank me later.