16 Fantastic Tips to Follow to Help Boost Lead Generation and Improve Conversion Rate Optimisation

16 Fantastic Tips to Follow to Help Boost Lead Generation and Improve Conversion Rate Optimisation
The Siliconreview
26 Febuary, 2021


While conversion rate optimisation is often spoken about in marketing circles, it often falls behind paid and organic search marketing in terms of organisational priorities. According to research by PPC agency Session Media, for every $92 that is spent on acquiring B2B leads, only $1 is spent on converting them. This suggests that B2B businesses need to focus a lot more on conversion rate optimisation.

In this article, we will talk about 16 ways in which you can boost conversion rates on your website straight away.

Ensure Your Tracking is Working Correctly

42% of B2B marketers say that a lack of quality data is what is holding them back from generating more leads. You need to ensure that your analytics and conversion tracking are set up correctly. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. 

Ensure Your Website is Secure

Ensure your website is secure. SSL (or HTTPS) encrypts the link between your website visitors' browsers and your landing page. It is the golden standard for website security nowadays. And it is something that your users will expect when they land on your website.

Make Your Website as Fast as Possible

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Ensure that your website is loading quickly because not only will this help your onsite conversion rates, it will also help your rankings in organic search.

Have Clear Headings

One of the first things that a user will see on your webpage is the header. H1 tags are critical in not only telling search engines exactly what your webpage is about but also telling the user that they have landed on the correct page based on their search query.

Have an Engaging CTA

Over 90% of users who read the headline also read the call to action. Your call to action should be very clear and should stand out from the rest of the webpage. This is usually done by giving the CTA a contrasting colour to the rest of the webpage.

Use Credibility Cues

If you can definitely refer to reputable third-party websites where your company has been featured, this gives you a lot of credibility with users and gives them the reassurance that they are dealing with a reputable brand.

Make Your Copy Punchy

Write succinct copy. Don't use overly long or complicated sentences, or your readers will lose interest and/or lose their way on your website.

Utilise Video Properly

If you are using video embeds from YouTube, ensure that you have turned off related videos showing on your video. You do not want your website visitors to start watching your competitors’ videos while they are on your website!

Put Customer Reviews on Your Website

90% of buying decisions are influenced by reviews. If you have some good reviews or testimonials, use them on your landing page. They will help convert more users.

Sell The Why, not the What

Sell solutions rather than your product. Your product features will be quite clear to your customer. You should really emphasise the benefits that the customer will receive from using your product.

Use Custom Images

If you use stock images, your readers may lose interest in what you are trying to communicate. Use specific images that help visually communicate your message.

Provide Value with Your Content

Typical B2B buyers consume at least three pieces of content before they even speak to a sales representative. Make sure that your website is providing them with plenty of insightful content that can actually help them in their purchasing decisions.

Make Your Forms Easy to Use

Keep your forms as short as possible. Scrutinise every bit of information that you are asking for and ask: is this absolutely critical? Every form field reduces your chance of getting a completed form. Get the bare minimum information and make it very easy for your users to fill out forms on your website.

Utilise Realtime Chat

44% of people say that live chat with a real person is the most important feature that a website can have when it comes to increasing conversions. It may be time to consider having a real-time chat function on your website. Or a virtual assistant.

Put Your Social Icons Towards the Bottom

If you are going to use social media icons on your page, ensure that you put them towards the bottom of the page so that they do not distract your users and take them off your website early on in their journey.

Make your Website Mobile Responsive

42% of researchers use a mobile device during their B2B purchasing process. It is therefore imperative that your mobile user experience is of high quality. Unless you want to lose those mobile searchers early on in their buying process.

In Summary

There are many things that you can do right away to help improve conversion rates on your website. A lot of these recommendations are not only good for your ability to rank in search engines, but they are also good for improving user experience on your website and ultimately improving your conversion rates.