How to design a good app?

How to design a good app?
The Siliconreview
12 Febuary, 2021

What are the most important rules for creating a successful application? Stay with us and learn some of them!

Creating a successful application

Finding someone nowadays who doesn't have a smartphone and has never used a mobile application is almost impossible. Regardless of the age of the user, mobile offers many possibilities for everyone, and there are apps for every taste and need.

With millions of mobile applications available, it sometimes feels as if everything has already been invented and you only have to look around a little to find the application you need. However, it can happen that the application you were hoping to find does not exist. That's how most mobile application ideas are born. Doubts immediately arise: how can you create an successful application?

First things first, let’s answer some basic questions. Do you want to create an e-commerce application, a tourism application or perhaps a mobile game? You need to clearly define the functionalities of your future application, as this will enable you to find the professionals whose experience best suits the needs of your project. You will also be able to accurately estimate your necessary budget.

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Questions to answer before designing an app

1. What type of application? 

As asked above, what kind of application do you want to create? All the important reasons have already been mentioned.

2. What is the application's target audience? 

Knowing who the application will be aimed at is essential in order to define a business plan.

3. Have you done a market study? 

Don't forget to carry out a market study, and above all to analyse your competitors' offer. It is likely that an application similar to yours already exists. The challenge is to find your niche in the market and make your difference.

4. How will you monetise your application? 

There are applications that do not generate revenue, but which, for example, serve to build customer loyalty and improve brand image. In most cases, however, you will need to define a monetisation strategy to make your project profitable.

5. How much can you afford to spend on your application? 

Creating a mobile application is expensive; moreover, the project will only be profitable if you get enough users. You are probably wondering what "expensive" means. The cost of development depends strongly on the characteristics of your application. In addition to its functionality, you need to know whether you want to create a native, hybrid or multi-platform application. This is one of the factors that most impact the price of mobile application development. You may want to try some web tools to make a cost estimate in real time even before your project is published. Give it a try!

The design of your application

App design is one of the key steps in application development, so it also deserves its place in this guide to creating a mobile application. Remember that the success of your app will also depend on its design, as it impacts the user experience. Without this element, it will be difficult to retain users.

If you can't design the application yourself, please talk to us about it and we'll be happy to provide you with the services of a qualified designer.

In the world of mobile applications, trends are constantly changing. New trends in app design are often dictated by the graphic design, interface and user experience of different smartphone operating systems.

Currently, there are two main trends in app design: flat design and skeuomorphism. Which of those two is the most suitable for your project?

Flat design

This type of app design is characterised by clearly defined lines that follow a strict grid. Minimalist designs, such as this one, are fashionable not only in mobile app development, but also in web development. Apple integrated flat design into its iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad, forcing iOS app designers to adapt. Android app designers are not insensitive to this trend.

Skeuomorphism or complex design

This type of app design has gained popularity in the last year. Promoted by Apple, skeuomorphism allows the user to understand more intuitively how objects work on the screen. Objects appear to be more or less heavy, they resist when they are dragged across the screen and cast shadows on the elements underneath. This more intuitive design is also more pleasing to the eye and helps to increase user engagement.