How Vaporizers Are Changing The Marijuana Landscape

How Vaporizers Are Changing The Marijuana Landscape
The Siliconreview
12 Febuary, 2021

Cannabis is one of the most celebrated yet controversial commodities in the world. In recent years, as legalization swept past the US, it has rapidly become a global industry, where many countries are following suit.

As the war on drugs is won, and cannabis is available medicinally and recreationally, barriers of entry are much lower. Thus, there has been much more research being carried out than ever before. A particularly prominent finding is that traditional means of smoking cannabis is definitely not the healthiest choice. The best forms of consumption being through edibles or vaporizers.

This research has sparked a new surge of innovation in the vaporizer industry, prompting businesses to create products that make consumption of cannabis healthier, safer and arguably, more enjoyable. This in turn has created opportunities for many businesses to get an early shoe in the market and create a range of devices. It only takes a quick look at the vaporizers from Smoke Cartel to see there’s a vape for every occasion, whether you want a desktop vape for the home office or a sleek vape for one the move. Since the huge success of these innovations, the vaporizer industry is rapidly taking over as the new norm of conventional consumption. This paradigm shift not only affects the way cannabis is consumed, but also cannabis culture overall. Here’s why.

Flavor is the name of the game

With the process of combustion and traditional means of consuming cannabis, a lot of taste and quality goes to waste. THC does not require extreme high heats to combust. In fact, direct fire causes over combustion, leading to THC being released too fast, and also causes lung problems due to inhaling burnt plant material due to the inherent carcinogens.

However, with modern technology, the vaporizer industry has invented devices that temper its heat to your liking. With multi-heat adjustable modes, new age vaporizers ensure every THC particle is slowly but surely activated. This slow roast not only makes it lighter and healthier on your lungs, but it also enhances the flavor of your cannabis by cutting out the bitter burnt aftertaste of plant matter.

Furthermore, new age vaporizers come with batteries that hold more power for longer, allowing for long usage and compatibility with other cannabis products such as concentrates and wax. Both of which not only produce a much sweeter flavor than dry herb, but also a much more intense and longer lasting effect.

Portable vaporizers

Out of all the generations of vaporizers, there is one common feature that draws new smokers and veteran connoisseurs alike; portability and battery life. With recent models, this technology is further improved and optimized as to allow for more than a day of use. Plus, it also comes with optimal heating that users can choose.

These portable vaporizers are not only extremely easy to carry and use on the go, they also provide utmost discreet usage. Smoke from a joint or bong tends to be extremely pungent and can draw unwanted attention. This is due to the overburning of your dry herb, however, as portable vaporizers do not go past the burning point, the smell is barely noticeable.

This revolutionary innovation has contributed heavily in making cannabis socially accepted. By removing the smell, and providing an easy “sip and dip” method of consuming cannabis, many of the social implications are solved.

Desktop vaporizers

Bongs and water pipes may have been the rage in the 80s, but now, more and more people are replacing their glass pieces with a high tech desktop vaporizer.

These desktop vaporizers need to be plugged in, but they can store a large amount of cannabis in the chamber. Not only does this mean you do not have to refill as often, but it also effectively helps you save on dry herb. How?

Traditional bongs face the same problem of burning too fast. A large inhale usually means a gram of dry herb, and an intense fit of coughing. However, since desktop vaporizers bake the herb and diffuse it into a smoking bag, a gram of herb can be stretched too many sessions. Plus, you are less likely to cough your lungs out as the smoke is much smoother on your throat, while being just as potent.

These desktop vaporizers also make it much easier to share amongst a group. From smoking bags to hookah tubes, they are designed to not only conserve cannabis and extend your session, but to be shareable. For example, smoking bags can hold up to 1 litre of vaporized bud, and it only takes less than half a gram to fill it to the brim. These bags can be shared among up to 5 people, effectively knocking the group out with less herb than is usually found in a joint.