Improve your Win Rate with Conversational Intelligence

Improve your Win Rate with Conversational Intelligence
The Siliconreview
23 Febuary, 2021

As a sales team, one of your core goals is to drive new logos (and revenue). But managing your sales team presents multiple challenges: competitors, losing winnable deals, or buyers changing their priorities to name a few.

Now, imagine having a platform that not only records conversations between your sales reps and customers but also gathers insights from calls? Conversational artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that offers the first step to improving your win rate. You can only sell more if your reps can rightly decode conversations with clients to be able to either recommend the right product or upsell.

Conversational artificial intelligence software delivers important insights from the conversations between sales and customers, to help them improve their win rates and close more deals.. By understanding what sets top performers apart and sharing their best practices with your team makes it easier for your sales reps to follow through and close a sale. The information gathered from this platform could also empower your reps to course correct deals before they slip. Conversational artificial intelligence will tell you what is working and what is not.

How does conversational artificial intelligence increase your win rate?

Increased conversion rate

Using conversational artificial intelligence guarantees you more sales because you can weed out issues of poor messaging and inadequate handling of objections. The ability to analyze structured data generated from conversations means you can easily identify tactics that can be replicated. Since this conversation intelligence offers real-time data, it means you can easily pick out what works.

Some of the things that the conversational intelligence software can capture include perfect conversation starters, the pitch that guarantees a high success rate, how to handle specific objections and so much more. It also presents you the opportunity to understand problems from the customer’s perspective so that you only offer solutions that will solve the problem while being able to sell. Having software that documents conversations helps to minimize the mental load of your employees so that they focus on active listening before responding.

Better performance by sales reps

Here’s the thing; most of the sales rep will adopt bad selling habits. Coaching helps, but self-coaching with real-life customer conversations takes care of itself.

Enter conversational intelligence software. This platform collates all the know-how and makes it available for all sales reps whenever they need it. This makes it a lot easier for the sales teams to learn from each other so that eventually, they are all at the same level. Moreover, with conversational intelligence new reps can be detected so that reps are trained to become sales-ready within a short period.

Improved information quality that quickly translates to higher closing rates

It can be a little hectic when sales reps are striving to take as many notes so that they don’t miss any detail while at the same time being present in their calls. Automated and structured conversations make it easier for reps to work by increasing the quality of their customer-facing conversations. When each sales rep’s efforts can be saved and easily retrieved, it is easier to identify individual gaps and work on closing them even if it means through coaching.

Conversational intelligence software helps to access the core of sales. The structured data you draw from conversations using this software creates a pattern while highlighting success factors for boosting your sales. Most importantly, it makes it possible to share best-practices from top reps to average performers. This improves the ability to maximize ROI as well as empower your team to recover lost opportunities.

Getting the right data from conversations between customers and sales reps ushers you into the world of your callers so that you understand them better. This means you can improve your engagement strategy. As a result, you will be able to offer an enhanced customer experience, driving more revenue. With a good conversational intelligence software, you can build a personalized library of best practices that you can use for your training sessions. Most importantly, you can be sure to see a spike in sales as more and more sales reps hone their skills from practical examples captured.