What Makes a Good Pop Up Space?

What Makes a Good Pop Up Space?
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2021

Amsterdam is one of Netherland’s popular cities and home to thousands of businesses. This city is billed as one with the best climate for startups and a leading tech city in Europe. As such, most of the international businesses opt to have a presence in this city.

From low taxes to the availability of a workforce that is internationally oriented, no doubt investing in retail space Amsterdam has a great potential of elevating your business to the next level. However, it all begins with finding a perfect spot. You need to take several factors into account in determining whether a given location makes for a perfect pop up space or not. But first, you need to know the goals you’d like to achieve with your pop up.

The biggest consideration you need to make is foot traffic. Make sure the location you are targeting is a high traffic area. Even more important, the people walking by should be part of the demographic you are targeting. This means you must also pay attention to every detail of the location by looking at the retailers as well as the events happening in the area.  Are the retailers your competitors or will they complement your business? It is better to have complementary businesses as opposed to direct competitors.

Here are some of the factors to consider when hunting for the right pop up spaces for your business in Amsterdam:

The type of pop up store

You first need to figure out the kind of retail space you want to determine what will appeal to the shoppers you’re targeting. The good thing about pop ups is that they are so versatile so you could choose to have an experiential shop where you entice shoppers with unique experiences, a launch party where you can introduce a new product, an influencer party where you leverage the influencer’s audience by allowing a collaboration that will pay for both parties. You can also use pop up spaces to create sponsored events that give you coverage or a press review where you only have local bloggers and journalists coming so that they help you to spread the word about your brand.

Exterior and interior factors

The reason for setting up commercial space in Amsterdam is to get your product to the people and make sales. Therefore, you want to look at certain exterior factors like cleanliness, display space, signage, access to transportation and parking. It is more advantageous if you can find a space that allows you to brand it thus making your store noticeable. Always make a point of asking because not all pop up spaces allow you to do signage. Find out who will be responsible for cleaning and how much parking space you or your customers have access to.

Equally important are interior factors like availability of sufficient space for inventory, anti-theft measures, lighting and internet access. Your Amsterdam pop up shop must have sufficient lighting, adequate space for keeping your stock and security measures. The space you choose must have acceptable loss prevention measures like alarm systems and surveillance systems that will prevent shoplifting. Internet access is also crucial especially if you will be using point of sale software. Most importantly, check that the pop up spaces have adequate space to display your products.

Licenses and leases required

Some pop up store locations may require a license as opposed to a regular lease. The license will give you the legal authority to use the premise. This is separate from a lease that allows you to access the premise over a certain period. Thus, while you may have a lease, it may be unlawful to operate the pop up without a license.

Ultimately, the lease is an important document because it gives you exclusive access to the commercial property while outlining what you can do within the space, any modifications you may need, the hours of operation as well as other important aspects of the space. Generally, Amsterdam prides itself in a fantastic business environment with a good score in the ease of doing business so you can be sure you will not run into problems with matters of bureaucracy.

Insurance and permits

Every region is guided by certain regulations and business permit requirements. For instance, if you’re dealing with alcohol and food, you may require to obtain another permit. This means that if you intend to serve alcohol at your pop up store then you must have the right permit. It is good to check with the agent leasing the space to you if you are not sure what the law dictates.

The same goes for insurance. Business insurance is important when you go into pop up spaces because this is often considered as a high-risk venture. In some cases, the insurance cover does not only cater for your business but your staff as well. Even then, some spaces for rent may include insurance coverage but you will be safe double-checking just to be sure you get it right.

If you want to take your business into a physical space in Amsterdam, you must look into several other factors like the cost of the space, that is covered in the amount, and if there are any additional utilities you may have access to while using the space. Most importantly, you must always keep in mind that pop up stores are not just a channel for ramping up sales but can form part of your marketing and brand strategy.