Which Tools Should You Use For Different Social Media Platforms

Which Tools Should You Use For Different Social Media Platforms
The Siliconreview
26 Febuary, 2021

Social media platforms are one of the best inventions to happen for the growth of every business and industry. Initially thought to be purely for entertainment and social purposes, many businesses have noticed the effectiveness of marketing their brands through social media, giving them high amounts of exposure and engagements with as little funding as possible.

Plus, there are a ton of different social media platforms online for businesses to choose from. However, each platform is different and they are all used for different reasons, have vastly different niches and target audiences and generally cater to a type of demographic. For example, Facebook and Instagram are generally targeted towards young adults through an informal medium of communication whereas LinkedIn is purely for business and implies a highly professional tone of voice.

It might be quite jarring when you are first starting out and trying to figure out which social media platform to use, and how you should approach it. However, luckily for you, there are many tools that can be used to make this an extremely easy and streamlined process. In fact, most of these tools boast a high rate of success and even seasoned social media platform marketers are compelled to use their services.

Best of all, this means you do not have to choose where to market, you can market your brand EVERYWHERE, and use these specific tools to ensure that your success is guaranteed.


Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion users worldwide, it is a vast net of global information. Regarded as a favorite by many businesses, Twitter gives every business the chance to market themselves to the whole world easily.

The platform allows users to share their thoughts in less than 150 letters, making it perfect for advertising copy to really seal the deal. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. As there are over 6,000 tweets going off every second, there are great deals of tweets that are heard by nobody.

If you want to guarantee your success, you have to have a good number of followers and engagements, and also post content that is relatable and meaningful to your target audience. Most importantly, you need to have hashtags to set the proper idea for your voice and your brand, and for people to notice your presence.

These steps are by no means easy, but with services such as Twesocial, you can leave your Twitter to grow organically. Twesocial provides you with a great deal of real followers, while curating hashtags that will help you get noticed by the right people.


Coming in a tie for the most-used social media platform in the word with Twitter is Instagram. With also over 1 billion users on the platform worldwide, and over 3 billion downloads (half of the world’s population) on the AppStore and Google Play, it is present in every single person’s smartphone.

Instagram is mainly a photo posting platform that allows users to post short videos and pictures to share with the public. Many businesses find this platform’s way of working to be very similar to the adverts they have previously done. So it is just a matter of posting their advertisements online without needing to change the strategy or structure and layout very much.

However, similar to Twitter, Instagram is highly competitive, and there is a good chance that your post goes absolutely unnoticed as it is drowned out by other people. However, similarly, there are services that allow you to combat these problems and give your mind a state of peace.

Programs such as Task Ant curates the best hashtags for your posts, ensuring that it will reach the right people at the right time, effectively increasing your follower count and overall engagements overnight! Not only does this save you from a headache of getting followers, it saves you time so that you can work on what truly matters -- your business.

Tik Tok

TikTok is similar to Instagram. It is a video sharing app with over 1 billion users worldwide. In terms of marketing, it is also similar to Instagram, as the message is both rapid and succinct. The feature that made TikTok extremely popular is the ForYou page which is curation of videos and content that the algorithm guesses you will like, based on previously watched and liked videos.

There are also many tools that make getting followers easy, such as TokUpgrade, which promises to engage with users to promote organic growth. One of the aspects that make TikTok a pleasure to use is the fact that the content created is authentic, and purposefully far from perfect, which means anyone can pick up their phone and record something funny at a whim, and potentially start a trend.