8 Essential and Time-Saving Tips for Relocating Your Business

8 Essential and Time-Saving Tips for Relocating Your Business
The Siliconreview
05 March, 2021

Moving your office or workspace can be a challenging task. Besides changing its location on the business cards, you will need to deal with the time-consuming process of moving. Make sure that your moving company has BOC 3 filing so that it can comply with legal procedures.

If you take more time planning the move, your business can suffer losses. It will extend the period when your company is closed down. Furthermore, the moving process can be expensive as well. Here are some tips that can help you save time and money during your relocation.

Start Planning Early:

It is best to start your packing as early as possible. Start with packing the items that you do not use regularly. It can help you save time when the moving date comes near.

Most people underestimate the time that will be consumed for packing. If your company has a huge inventory, then start emptying it before moving day. To save some cash, you can purchase used cardboard boxes.

Give Away Unnecessary Office Equipment:

It is best to get rid of office equipment that is no longer in use. It can help you organize your items before relocating. It saves a lot of space and cuts moving costs.

You can sell the old equipment to other companies who need them. Selling these items through a website is also a great option.

Book Your Moving Day Ahead of Time:

It can be challenging to relocate all the office supplies by yourself. It is best to hire a reliable moving company. Before finalizing your movers, ask for a moving tariff and check if they offer insurance. Finalize the moving date two or three months before. Their schedule is usually full, especially during peak season.

Organize and clean up everything before you call your movers. Take delicate items with yourself to avoid any breakage. Moving companies also have services of unpacking and unloading.

Pack Computer Cables with Care:

You cannot transport a computer with all the cables attached. The wires can end up being bent and damaged. Start by removing the cables from all the devices one by one.

Put the cables in a zip-locked plastic bag and label them according to which computer they were attached to. This way, you will not have to go through the trouble of finding them later on.

Carefully Pack Your Office Electronics:

All your office machinery is an important part of your company. It is best to avoid such situations that can risk their safety. Properly close your electronics like printers and paper shredders. Follow the proper instruction on how to pack every item.

It can lead to improper moving if they are not packed with care. Damaging a device during the move can end up in your loss as it also leads to termination of the warranty.

Update Your New Contact Information:

Before relocating, you can start updating your information on your business cards, stationery, and website. This way, your customers can be notified immediately of your new location by checking your site.

For your office work, update your new address to your post office, bank, and creditors. If you have existing clients, who make payment to your office, then inform them about relocation. When your business name is searched online, it may come up with the old address. So please update it to avoid losing any potential customers.

Label Your Boxes:

When you unpack, you should be able to find your supplies easily to start your work. When you are packing, label and number the boxes so that you can find them easily.

Number the boxes with a specific numbering system. It can help you from losing your items even if the movers mix up the boxes. If your moving company by chance loses any of your packages, having the description of your things can help in filing a claim.

Pack Computer Monitors Separately:

Pack all your computer monitors in moving blankets. They should also be bubble wrapped and taped afterward. Avoid placing them in boxes without any extra protection. After placing a blanket, put around tapes so that it does not come off.

Refrain from stacking computer monitors on one another. They can be damaged during the move. It would be best to secure your data before closing your computer system. You can use a removable hard drive or online services to back up the data.