8 Fascinating Facts About 9mm Handgun Ammo

8 Fascinating Facts About 9mm Handgun Ammo
The Siliconreview
05 March, 2021

9mm-caliber ammunition is the most ubiquitous kind there is for handguns. It’s the ammunition that police forces, border patrolmen, air marshals, and even personnel from the US Secret Service favor. But it is also the ammo that many hobbyists typically use for sport shooting, and the kind commonly bought for the purpose of self-defense.

What makes 9mm ammo so appealing to so many firearm owners? There are several reasons for its enduring popularity, but the ammunition’s standout quality is its lightweight and extremely powerful performance. Below are eight additional facts about the legacy and applications of 9mm ammunition that any handgun owner will be interested to know about. Buy bulk 9mm ammo for your handgun today and experience the versatility and power enjoyed by many gun owners around the world.

It’s the World’s Most Popular Handgun and Submachine Cartridge

Hands down, 9mm is the world’s most popular handgun caliber. It was cited as such by the 2014 edition of Cartridges of the World, a reference series trusted by the firearms industry. It’s likely to be the kind of ammunition people recognize when they see handguns portrayed in the media or in real life. Few products are as iconic to the world of firearms as 9mm ammo.

It Was Originally Designed for the Luger Pistol in 1902

9 x 19mm Parabellum ammunition was designed as the companion to the Pistole Parabellum. This firearm is more widely known as the Luger pistol, after the Austrian designer Georg Luger. Production of the semi-automatic pistol began in 1898, and the 9mm ammunition for it was perfected in 1902 by German manufacturers Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken. You’ll see the Luger pistol and 9 x 19mm Parabellum ammunition appear frequently in films depicting the two World Wars.

It Travels Faster Than the Speed of Sound

9mm ammo is so quick and lightweight that it travels faster than the speed of sound. For some perspective, the speed of sound is commonly pegged at 1125 feet per second. A piece of 9mm ammunition, on the other hand, can travel a speedy—and lethal—distance of 1180 feet per second. That should be of great assurance to any handgun user who’d want to rely on their ammo.

It Surged in Popularity in the 1980s

This caliber of ammunition saw widespread usage in the United States from the 1980s to the early 1990s, thanks to the heyday of semi-automatic pistols. Handgun models favored by US policemen, like the Smith and Wesson Model 39, Beretta Model 92, and Wonder Nine, accommodated this ammunition. The power and reliability of 9mm cartridges in semi-automatic pistols definitely contributed to the latter’s popularity over revolvers.

It’s the Ammo of Choice for Law Enforcers

In 2007, the weekly publication Newsweek posited that about 60% of ammo used by policemen is of 9mm caliber. 9mm cartridges are quite economical in their size, allowing handguns to accommodate more of them without them feeling bulky to their users. This results in ease of use without sacrificing any power. Altogether, 9mm ammo is ideal for defense applications like law enforcement, where users need to move quickly and accurately.

It’s Great Ammunition for Beginners and Advanced Shooters Alike

Great experiences with 9mm ammo aren’t limited to professionals, however. 9mm ammunition on a handgun is also the ideal combo for beginners. It’s a combo that guarantees relatively low recoil and optimum comfort, which is great for beginning shooters or shooters with smaller hands. The opposite applies, too. The same attributes will enhance the shooting performance of seasoned marksmen and keep their shooting skills up to form.

9mm Rounds for Training Are Colored Differently from Live Rounds

The inert 9mm rounds used for training, for example by the US Marines, look quite different and perform quite differently from live rounds. 9mm rounds designated for use under the Special Effects Small Arms Marking Systems, or SESAMS, will leave either red or blue marks. These rounds, which function similarly to paintball rounds, can be shot from modified Beretta M9s or Glock 19s. They’re marked differently so as to differentiate them from live rounds, which would be extremely dangerous to use during training.

9mm Caliber Ammunition Is Constantly the Subject of Innovation

As a consequence of being the most popular and widely distributed type of ammunition, 9mm ammo is subject to a lot of upgrades and improvements. Handgun users can expect some of the best quality, variety, and value for money on 9mm ammo products as a consequence. Since the market is always evolving to deliver better products to users, handgun owners can anticipate even greater innovation on their ammo soon. 

Why 9mm Is the Caliber of Choice for Many Firearm Owners

Suffice to say, there are a lot of things for handgun owners to love about 9mm ammo. It’s dependable, it guarantees great user experience for shooters of all levels, and it’s widely available. It’s no wonder this caliber of ammunition has endured for more than a century, and it will likely endure for many more years to come. You can always trust a piece of 9mm to make its mark. Stock up on this versatile and affordable type of ammunition for your needs!