America to install four new natural gas pipelines in the state of Michigan

America to install four new natural gas pipelines in the state of Michigan
The Siliconreview
17 March, 2021

The United States Department of Energy and Energy Information Administration (EIA), in a recent announcement, has stated that it will increase its natural gas pipeline transportation capacity to around 4.4 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in the next three months as it also has four new pipelines that have entered into service. The EIA also said that four natural gas pipelines have entered into services across America between November 2020 and January 2021.

The all-new Saginaw Trail pipeline that is meant for consumer energy came online in late November 2020. The intrastate project was expanded and replaced by the natural gas pipelines in places like Saginaw and Oakland, which increased natural gas capacity by 0.2 Bcf per day. The US is also planning to improve its gas transmission infrastructure by investing a considerable sum of $709 million. The new infrastructure will have 66 miles of existing natural gas pipeline.

The Department of Energy is planning to install reliable 36-inch pipe in Ohio and West Virginia. The US believes that more natural gas pipelines could enter the oil and gas market in the coming years. Many companies are already investing in the US's natural gas sector; thereby, the US is also planning to extend its oil and gas sector by inviting other countries to invest in its natural gas sector.