B2B Travel Portal Development Company

B2B Travel Portal Development Company
The Siliconreview
12 March, 2021

Extensive b2b portal development services are far from the same as a mobile app for booking tickets and hotels. When an IT team develops a business solution for a company, additional difficulties arise at every stage. The end result is a platform on which many travel agencies operate at the same time, for example to arrange Iceland ETIAS for their clients. And they, in turn, are responsible for connecting to the service of hotels, private contractors, airlines, insurance companies and finding clients. Among the main tasks of the site is the introduction of various payment systems, working with banks and collecting interest for the placement of travel operators or for closed transactions. You can find more about this at

Difficulties of internet marketing in the b2b segment

Lack of good specialists. There are few really professional specialists in the field of b2b marketing. Most often, marketers are engaged in producing promotional materials, printing business cards and organizing exhibitions. In addition, algorithms that work well in a regular online store may be ineffective in b2b.

Lengthy contracting process. Unlike b2c sales, deciding on an order in the b2b segment can take a long time. And during the entire cycle of the transaction, it is advisable to constantly contact potential clients, work with objections, remind of yourself, show attention, send usefulness and not forget about clients after signing the contract. The length of the transaction cycle also makes it difficult to promptly make adjustments to the marketing strategy.

What should you pay attention to?

  • Difficulties in segmentation of the target audience. If a company develops software for banks, there are no problems with defining the target audience. But if you sell building materials, then several groups can act as buyers at once. These can be dealers, architects, construction companies and ordinary individuals who build large objects. All this complicates the task of developing a website and building effective marketing
  • A large number of decision-makers. In b2b sales, there are several people behind each order: a buyer, people in charge of finance, etc. Every specialist with the relevant competence in this industry needs to convey the right words and convince to cooperate with you
  • Sale of specific products. It is one thing to sell T-shirts and backpacks, and quite another to offer companies equipment and solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars. To interest a client, you need to provide him with full information about your services and products. To do this, marketers must develop a competent content strategy that can include input from experts and testimonials from real customers
  • Interaction with the client. In b2c sales, marketing is based on the psychological impact on a potential buyer. In the b2b segment, this approach is also not excluded, since we are all human, but the main strategy is still aimed at individual long-term business communication through exhibitions, forums, conferences, calls and congratulatory tokens
  • Problems with customer service. Even if your site is thought out to the smallest detail and generates a lot of leads every day, all efforts can be shattered by incompetent salespeople. It is necessary to regularly monitor the work of personnel who are in contact with customers, listening to phone calls and checking the processing time of online applications
  • Pricing. In the b2c segment, the price is determined by brand awareness and consumer characteristics. In the b2b segment, the volume of purchases, the duration of cooperation, the importance of the client, the terms of payment, and after-sales service are of particular importance
  • Use of market research. In b2c, the emphasis is on studying consumer preferences to assess the volume of sales and the impact of changes in product design. The tasks in the b2b segment are more varied and are determined by the characteristics of the product and the market

The main mistakes of building a B2B strategy

Incorrect website concept. As mentioned above, a site for a b2b company will differ from a b2c store. Not all marketers understand this difference when striving to create a regular online retail store or just an image site. Before you start working on your site, once again check the goals and objectives that you want to solve with its help.

Incorrect assessment of the effectiveness of advertising. It is incorrect to assess the effectiveness of a particular marketing move only by the number of applications and calls from customers, as well as from the site's place in the search results. Due to the lengthy process of making deals, multiple touches through different channels and a rather long sales chain, it is more difficult to track which channel the buyer came from.