Braze to launch its new office in Germany to expand its digital marketing reach

Braze to launch its new office in Germany to expand its digital marketing reach
The Siliconreview
17 March, 2021

Braze, Inc., an American cloud-based software company that develops customer relationship management software and digital marketing apps, in a press meet has announced that it will launch its company in Germany to support and accelerate its footprint in the DACH region. This investment will enable Braze to provide localized support for its existing customer relationship clients, including Delivery Hero, FREE NOW, Kolibri Games, and SoundCloud.

This strategic partnership will also allow the company to introduce its new offerings to new brands that, in turn, will lead to the expansions of Braze. This will lead the firm into a digital-only way of life that primarily highlights the importance of direct connections with consumers' demand for Braze technology in that particular region. The company's entry into the German market will reflect the momentum the company carries in customer relationships.

The Braze platform aims to add value at every stage of its lifecycle marketing. This expansion of Braze into Germany will be its seventh officially entered market. The company added more than 100 new customers last year in EMEA to surpass the 1000 customer mark. Braze hired over 2500 employees in 2020. It now plans to open an office in Berlin and begin the hiring process across all locations and in the key functional area, including sales, customer services, and digital marketing.