Businesses: What Does Instagram Have to Offer?

Businesses: What Does Instagram Have to Offer?
The Siliconreview
25 March, 2021

Many businesses, large and small, have opted to use Instagram as a tool for online marketing. This has created huge success for many businesses as online is the newest and best way to reach your target audience. Whilst traditional marketing methods are important to know and understand, as they laid the foundation for online media marketing, these methods are no longer effective enough to invest in.

Traditional marketing does not reach nearly as many people as social media marketing does and people do not like direct advertising. Instagram allows for an entirely new and effective type of marketing called organic advertising and marketing. Businesses should be considering making use of Instagram as a social media marketing platform to gain more traction for their business and therefore more customers. Here are a few more reasons to make use of this app as a marketing tool.

Instagram Allows for a More Targeted Audience

Traditional marketing was at its best, a shot in the dark with the hopes of finding someone who might be interested in your business. It was mostly mass advertising, in order to bring in few numbers of new customers. Instagram allows for the use of specified searching with the help of hashtags, and sites like Growthoid, which is an Instagram marketing service that engages on your behalf to grow your account organically.

When something has been posted with hashtags, that post becomes searchable by each of those hashtags. This means that when you post with hashtags relevant to your business and to your account, people who search the hashtag are then way more likely to see your posts.

Statistics show that the use of hashtags, when used properly and are niche-specific, increase the likelihood of your content getting more interaction (likes, comments, shares etcetera), more followers and more customers.

Creative and Engaging Content

Instagram relies on visual content and creativity. The app is frequently used by people who are bored and are simply on Instagram to counter their boredom. This provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to get creative and create engaging content that allows and encourages their followers to interact with your account.

This creative content should be pictures or videos with fun, bright visuals to grab the attention of the users scrolling by whilst also giving the user an opportunity to engage with the content. Instagram has many features such as fun filters, polls, and quizzes, all of which are excellent tools to help with engagement with your content.

Engaging content is vital, as it can put a business on a fast track to a growing business and happy customers who can ‘get to know’ the business they are following on Instagram.

The Ability to Connect with Your Audience

Instagram allows users to connect with each other and with businesses by having features such as comment sections, the ability to reply to an Instagram story and private messaging. All of this allows for a much more personal type of interaction between the user and the business.

People enjoy having a personal connection to a social media account, so making use of the aforementioned features is important for gaining real followers who are relevant to your page and who will aid in the success of your Instagram account. Instagram also allows you to link a website in your bio, which is an excellent feature that allows for connection across channels. It creates a direct way for your followers to make a connection between your official website and your Instagram page. In addition to all of this, there are many resources available online for you to see how to grow your follower count.

By using images that you have posted on Instagram on your website, you make your Instagram account known, whilst being able to reuse marketing material. This is therefore a time and cost effective way to market.

Analytics and Feedback

Whether or not you use Instagram as a marketing platform, your customers will still use the app to post their own content about your business. Many people use Instagram as a platform to rate and review various products and services. It would be silly to not make use of the free reviews people will provide you on Instagram.

These reviews are priceless feedback from real customers, which allows you to learn, grow and change for the better. Instagram also provides analytics for your account which shows you how many people have visited your account, at what time of day your account has the most traffic, how many new followers you’ve gained and more specific details such as how many people have shared a post, how many people have saved a post and many more similar features. This information allows you to see which of your posts are doing well, what type of content you should be posting and when you should be posting it.

Instagram is an incredible tool for social media marketing as it offers so many features such as personal interaction with other users, a specified and targeted audience, aids to help with creative posts, an insight into how your account is doing and so much more.