How the NFC payment and other technologies help to support a post-pandemic world

How the NFC payment and other technologies help to support a post-pandemic world
The Siliconreview
24 March, 2021

Since 2020 covid has spread across continents, leaving no country unharmed. This resulted in disruptive changes in the way we live and work. Larger corporations immediately went into the working-from-home mode, allowing people to work from the comfort of their homes in a safe environment. Fast forward one year and we are still in a similar position. This also had a big impact on the way we conduct shopping and travel. Stores needed to close and are only slowly opening up. To make sure that we can have a safe shopping environment, some stores are already looking ahead. How to offer a safe shopping environment using technology? Some are evident, such as the NFC payment, while others are yet to be explored.

Managing the people flow through a store

Ensuring a safe work environment starts with the number of people in the store. Most countries have regulations on the number of people that are allowed in the store. Luckily this can be monitored with simple sensors such as Bluetooth and infrared. A counter can then show if there are still spots available. If not, a red light can be shown. Shop owners then need to make sure that there is a safe socially distant queuing line. Using lights to ensure distance can be a suitable option. In that case, red lights can also be shown when people are not keeping the required distance.

Flow management also helps to increase revenue

Managing the flows throughout the store can also increase the revenue of your store. The sensors can help you to determine the products that people tend to look at. Besides that, you can combine certain products and place them next to each other when consumers are frequently buying them together. This, in combination with a high-tech cashier system, can increase revenues significantly.

Payments are essential and crucial

As stated in the introduction of this article, an NFC payment can help to create a safe environment. This type of payment allows for a contactless payment experience that is safe for all parties involved. NFC is already on the market for quite some time, and new opportunities are emerging as well. For example, the QR code payment is already gaining ground in Asia for years now. In a store, shoppers can scan their products, and a QR code will pop-up. Shoppers then scan it with their phone and confirm the payment. They can select their preferred payment method and conduct the payment.

Non-intrusive and contactless

Looking at the setting of a store, there are three mandatory stages that a shopper needs to flow through:

  1. Entrance
  2. Cashier
  3. Exit

These touchpoints are also the three attention points for shop owners to ensure a safe environment. Start investing in a safe environment to make sure people will continue to visit your store when the lockdowns ease, and people will start visiting physical locations again.