How to become Google certified software development leaders

How to become Google certified software development leaders
The Siliconreview
01 March, 2021

Make software optimization one of your priorities and become certified by Google. Read this article to know the best practices.

Optimize your software and become a Google certified leader

Companies are well aware that the customer experience they deliver depends largely on their software and systems working at peak performance. Many of them have made the development and deployment of better software a strategic priority. Despite this, users continue to experience downtime and companies continue to incur financial losses as a result of certain issues. This shows that they still have a long way to go.

By making software optimization one of their priorities, companies are also seeing an increase in revenue over their competitors. This indicates that this approach to software development has an impact on accelerating their overall success. In addition, having fewer problems to solve allows them to give their developers more time to devote to continuous innovation.

So what are the fundamentals of software optimization that can lead to being certified by Google? In order to be considered leaders in IT and software, companies must meet certain criteria of excellence and digital resilience. It’s worth checking out an example of the high quality you will get from software development leaders certified by Google.

Cloud optimization

With the widespread adoption of the cloud in recent months, the benefits of cloud computing are now well known. By migrating their systems to the cloud and developing applications specifically for that environment, companies benefit from faster production, deployment and management of their software. The more advanced an enterprise is in the cloud and the more it has migrated its software and systems, the more likely it is to optimize its software. Some companies have gone even further and adopted a cloud-native approach.

The reasons why advanced companies do not adopt the cloud more widely are mainly due to security and regulatory issues; they differ from companies that are lagging behind in their cloud strategy due to a lack of skills and having already sunk an investment in on-premises infrastructure.

Companies are also strongly advised to focus on end-to-end visibility, i.e. the integration of software and system performance data with user performance data. This helps improve understanding of the impact of software changes on customer and business performance.

This is what you might have noticed from your experience: all of the companies that are considered leaders in IT and software have integrated user performance data from all of their platforms. Additionally, they are taking advantage of this improved level of knowledge on a daily basis to anticipate errors and negative consequences.

Empower your teams to make better, faster decisions

Recruiting engineers and developers with the right skills is a major challenge for any company, and above all, a challenge that will profit those who succeed. Indeed, once they have the right tools and the right organization, teams can more quickly understand the results of changes within software and thus make better decisions. This includes the adoption of an integrated DevOps culture that promotes this decision-making dynamic, as teams are not afraid of the repercussions these decisions could have.

If companies apply these criteria of excellence, they will be well on their way to increased resilience, a major asset in these uncertain times. The last few months have tested, as never before, the business continuity, agility and scalability of many companies. The crisis has also made them aware of the importance of having complete insight into their digital environment to diagnose performance issues, understand them and be proactive in resolving them. 

While some have learned essential lessons for their software architecture, they must continue this work, which will also serve to transform them into true IT leaders. Once companies have fully mastered these four criteria, they will be able to go further in terms of observability and software innovation. With more time to innovate, IT teams will be able to test new processes such as continuous integration and delivery, or even chaos testing. 

Stay with us and learn more about the best practices to achieve your business and software optimization. Becoming a certified leader in software development is in your hands!