Must Have Apps for the 2021 French Open

Must Have Apps for the 2021 French Open
The Siliconreview
29 March, 2021

The French Open, otherwise known as Roland Garros, is a grand slam championship played annually. It’s a premium clay court championship that makes up four grand slam tournaments. The other three are the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

At the moment, it’s the only grand slam tournament held on clay and marks the end of the clay-court season in spring. Its particularly demanding nature is known for its slow-playing surface, vigorous seven rounds, and best of five sets for men’s singles matches.

The event, which takes place on an 8.5-hectare complex with 26 courts and 26 large capacity stadiums, takes place this year on Monday 17th May and ends on Sunday 6th June.

Why Might Fans want to Make Use of Apps for the Event?

To kick-off, certain apps allow fans to communicate better. If you think, people were members of sports clubs’ way before the internet existed, discussing virtually any sports-related topic they wanted.

While social media now takes a vital role in this, some also choose apps for this purpose.

Apps are also great for sports fans as they act as a hub, keeping everything in one handy, accessible location. No longer do fans have to trawl through loads of different sites to find what they need.

They also provide entertainment with things like games, allowing new fans to understand the ins and outs of a game, plus helpful match replays.

What are the Best Apps for the French Open and Other Events?

Many different apps feature all kinds of sport. There are also ones specific to tennis tournaments, such as Touchsport Tennis. Here’s a lowdown of the very best.

The Score Mobile. If you’re looking for a discreet and quick way to check in on your favourite sport, this is the app to choose. It’s possible to achieve many different things, like view stats, watch videos, read stories and follow your favourite players. As a plus, it’s also free!

Yahoo! Sportacular Pro. This is a popular app offering alerts and scores as well as broader access to the Yahoo Ecosystem. It’s very popular and is available in both a free version with ads, or a paid version. It does take a while to load, but hopefully a pending update will fix this.

OLBG’s Sports Betting App.'s app is the best place to be for tennis tips, they have a team of experts who share their knowledge of the game to help users win while they enjoy the biggest tennis events in the calendar.

Wikibot. As well as providing a resource for the history of different sports and the ability to teach sports rules, this is a specialised app created by the makers of Wikipedia. It’s packed with valuable features, like iCloud syncing, a ‘read it later’ queue and offline caching.

ESPN Radio. Perhaps being the worldwide leader in sports, users can either download shows to listen to later or do this live. There are many channels to choose from, with the opportunity to receive updates every 20 minutes.

Watch ESPN. Using this app, users can stream content live from the provider. However, you will need ESPN as part of your TV package and to be able to access live video with your connection. Be sure to regularly check back, as new providers may be added.

ESPN ScoreCenter. This app allows players to access scores in real-time for many different worldwide leagues and sports. There’s some great functionality, like the ability to access top events and ‘favourite’ teams. It’s easy to use yet exciting to experience.

Team Stream. Sports fans can use this app to follow the coverage of their favourite teams as it happens. It’s also possible to set push notifications, providing immediate notification of breaking news.

PlayUp. This app allows different sports fans to unite and discuss their favourite sports. Or, a private ‘hangout’ can be set up to talk about sports with their friends. The app is nicely laid out and appealing, although more sports do need to be included.

Ultimate Bet Pro. For those interested in sports trends, health updates or weather, they should consider this app. While providing information for those not placing bets, it allows those who are to track their activity. Reviews are good, particularly for customer service.