The Different Types Of Underground Dump Trucks And Their Benefits

The Different Types Of Underground Dump Trucks And Their Benefits
The Siliconreview
10 March, 2021

There are many varieties of underground dump trucks, each with its own set of advantages. This article discusses these types and more.

Trucks are necessary to transport heavy objects from one place to another. The underground dump trucks also serve a similar purpose.

These trucks are used for transporting heavy objects, but the heavy objects are carried through an underground passage. But since there can be different situations and many passages and tunnels underground, the trucks carrying out those works are known as underground dump trucks.

 Let us take a broader look at what underground dump trucks are.

What Are Underground Dump Trucks?

As mentioned earlier, Underground Dump Trucks are trucks that are designed mainly for transporting waste materials through an underground passage.

To the miners, they are sometimes referred to as dumper trucks or tipper trucks. A normal dump truck has an open box body, which has a hydraulic ram at the front. When something needs to be dumped behind the truck, the hydraulic ram rises and lifts the front side of the body.

The materials in the body then get dumped behind the truck. The tilt angle of this box body is about 65 degrees.

Advantages Of An Underground Dump Truck

There are quite a few advantages of an underground dump truck compared to their counterpart, the normal dump trucks.

1. Better Load Flexibility

Underground dump trucks may not have as much carrying capacity as regular dump trucks, but they can carry a variety of products.

For example, a normal dump truck cannot carry toxic materials, whereas underground dump trucks that are made with sturdy materials can withstand such toxic materials. So they offer great flexibility in their loading type.

2. Can Withstand Difficult Terrain

Underground dump trucks have better suspension and traction compared to regular dump trucks. This makes them the superior vehicle when driving through difficult terrain like uneven, muddy, and rocky surfaces.

This makes the driver feel more comfortable while driving. Most advanced underground dump trucks have a six-wheel or a four-wheel-drive system that adds more traction, giving them a better grip on the terrain.

3. Improved Drivetrains

A Drivetrain is a component that provides power to the driving wheels of a vehicle.

This allows better control of the wheels of the vehicle and since underground dump trucks are often found driving through or stopping at a slope, this improved drivetrain helps maintain better stability. This prevents the truck from rolling over or sliding down the slope.

4. Mountain Hold Assistance Feature

This is a very special feature introduced to the newer versions of the dump trucks and allows the truck to have better fuel efficiency when driving uphill. This works by automatically shifting gears when necessary, to save fuel while driving up a slope.

Different Types Of Underground Dump Trucks

There are quite a few varieties of underground trucks available. Each has its purpose and functions differently from one another. A list of underground dump trucks is given below-

1. Articulated Underground Dump Trucks

These dump trucks are perfect when driving through sharp turns, and have a short turning radius, allowing them to make sharp turns with no difficulty.

They also have a big load capacity and are perfect for large projects that require moving bulky materials and wastes. The carrying capacity of these trucks can range from 10 to 40 tons.

2. Site Underground Dump Trucks

These underground dump trucks are known as the jack of all trades. These versatile trucks can serve many purposes like carrying load off-road with little difficulty, a 180-degree rotating body makes backfilling much easier, sharp turning radius so that you can breeze through tight corners, and with better traction are easy to maneuver through any terrain.

Site underground dump trucks are by far the most prominent with miners and construction workers for all of these factors.

3. Rigid Rear Underground Dump Trucks

If you want to have the perfect off-road dump truck, these are your go-to choice. They are most often used to transport soil from one place to another.

However, a major downside to these dump trucks is not being very flexible. So the driver needs to be highly skilled if they want to bring the best out of these trucks.

4. Crawler Underground Dump Trucks

These dump trucks are highly efficient in driving through difficult terrain. Unlike other dump trucks that use wheels with high traction, they can use tracks for wheels. These dump trucks can transport large and small loads through the soft and wet surface without facing any problem.

The tracks allow a better distribution of weight compared to wheels, so the vehicle does not get stuck on the wet or sandy surface.

5. Hi-Railway Underground Dump Trucks

These dump trucks, as the name suggests, are made mainly used to transport materials on and off railway tracks and are equipped with rail wheels, but at times they can also drive on highways with the rail wheels up.

These trucks can travel on both traditional concrete roads and rail tracks. They are a more upgraded version of a basic dump truck.

6. Underground dump trucks

These are the basic and average dump trucks. They do not have any specific purpose. Mainly used to transport heavy objects from point A to point B.

The load capacity is somewhat higher than most other dump trucks, ranging from 30 to 55 tons. Apart from that, they are very mediocre.

Final Thoughts

Mining is a very difficult task and to transport heavy rocks and materials, you need heavy-duty trucks. This is where underground dump trucks shine.

No matter what terrain the truck has to go through or what material they need to carry, the wide variety of underground dump trucks can do it all. Determine the type of underground operation, type of waste and decide which type of dump truck will be most useful to you.