The Regularly Ignored Positives of Online Gambling

The Regularly Ignored Positives of Online Gambling
The Siliconreview
30 March, 2021

When the talk gets around to gambling, it is always the negatives that get brought up first. It is a vice, and activity that can lead to addiction, and when done irresponsibly, can destroy families. Most of us know all of this already and fully agree that there are big dangers attached to gambling. However, often, the positives get swept under the rug.

We should never disregard the negative side of gambling and should support those looking to offer guidance, regulation, and support to minimise the dangers. At the same time, we should also highlight the good positives that the gambling industry provides.

Gambling Can Stimulate Economies

In many countries, gambling has become a major industry that has helped to fuel economic growth. In fact, that was the whole purpose behind most of these jurisdictions legalising and regulating gambling in the first place.

Below are just a few countries where gambling both online and offline is legal and regulated:

  • Australia

Gambling in Australia brings in over $20 billion in revenue for the country. That revenue increases each year mainly due to the explosion in popularity of online gambling. On the flip side, however, Australia has the highest rates of gambling addiction which is understandable considering 4 out of 5 adults in the country partake in some form of gambling.

  • The USA

Home to the worlds gambling capital of the world, Nevada, it is no surprise to see the USA on this list. That state plus the likes of Atlantic City, Illinois, and Missouri bring in a combined $18 million revenue each year from gambling. That is just from gambling at land-based casinos too. With many states now legalising online gambling, that figure will no doubt grow substantially. In fact, the live sports betting industry in the US is now thriving.

  • Canada

Canada does not bring in the kind of numbers of Australia, the USA, and the UK do but like those countries, revenues are increasing each and every year.

  • The United Kingdom

As for the UK, not only does the country earn huge revenues from online gambling, it is also renowned for being heavily regulated. In fact, the UK Gambling Commission is seen as the model regulatory authority for other countries around the world. Strict rules and regulations are kept in place to help ensure punters are well protected from the dangers of gambling.

Punters Can Reap Welcome Offers Such as No Deposit Free Bets

Although a small benefit in the grand scheme of things, punters do get to enjoy lucrative bonus deals at online UK bookmakers. With so many online sports betting sites competing for custom, it leads to them offering attractive welcome bonuses such as free bet no deposit offers, enhanced odds & free spins.

Many use sites such as betting no deposit which helps them keep track of which betting sites are offering the best low deposit offers and all other bonus deals. The best odds usually get compared too. This makes finding a UK bookmaker with the best free bet no deposit deals far easier.

Creates Job Positions

Every casino, high street bookmaker, and online betting site needs employees. From dealers to bartenders, waitresses, cleaners, and security personnel, these businesses create employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands around the world. This improves the quality of life for many families whilst also contributing to their local communities’ economy.

It Can Create Instant Millionaires

Of course, for every big winner, there will be other big losers but some forms of gambling can make you rich overnight. Lotteries are the best example of this with some prizes being in the billions of dollars, but even on progressive jackpot video slots at online casinos, you can win millions from a single spin. Yes, the odds of doing this are small but there have been many examples of people proving it can and is done. Somebody has to get lucky eventually.

Responsible Gambling is Enjoyable

Just like playing a video game, board game, or card game, playing slots, betting on sports, or playing poker is incredibly fun for many. This is of course if it is done sensibly and with money, the punter can afford to lose.  It is enjoyable pitting your wits against other players, the house, or the odds.

It is Regulated

In many countries, gambling is regulated, so at least you have people watching your back. Regulatory authorities will help you to resolve issues with the online casinos and bookmakers, will ensure they offer fair and random results, and will provide you with support should you develop a problem with gambling. What you have to remember is that punters will find a way to gamble even if it is illegal. They will not have that same protection and support.


Gambling does come with danger and it is the responsibility of governments to limit these dangers. However, it should be fair to point out the positive side of gambling in all forms. We need to keep educating people on gambling responsibility and how to recognise when they may have a problem. For most, gambling is enjoyable and done sensibly - it is helping those that struggle with this that should be the priority.