Top Free Mp3 To Midi Converters That Do Way More Than Just Conversion

Top Free Mp3 To Midi Converters That Do Way More Than Just Conversion
The Siliconreview
23 March, 2021

Change mp3 to another audio format with the help of these tools anytime and anywhere. These responsive websites enable you to convert mp3 to midi and media files to different formats. However, changing to a technical standard like midi will reduce the audio quality, and it also depends on the audio. Moreover, to run a midi file, you will need a player that supports it. People can save a lot more space if they opt for saving files in this particular format.

#1 Evano – The Midi To Mp3 Converter & Much More!


Evano is an online converter that can help you edit videos and can also convert mp3 to midi in quality to a certain level. You can make changes in video preferences and make them compatible with your project. This tool is highly recommended for video editors as they frequently download audio and video files. The settings available on this website have a direct impact on video playback and can change the way a clip is played. For example, Evano can:

  • Change The Appearance Of A Video

You can change the way a video appears by selecting a different value for resize. This option is available in the video settings tab, which becomes available after selecting a format to convert a file to. Also, you can rotate and flip a video file if needed. You can zoom and crop or even add black bars on top and bottom to give the video a more cinematic appearance along with these settings.

  • Modify Frame Rate, Codec & Audio Channels

The frame rate plays a vital role when it comes to video quality. People prefer frame rates between 15 and 30; this makes sure the video plays smoothly without any pauses. There are two more options: variable frame rate and constant. If you later want to edit a video, then go with constant frame rate because you will experience a slight lag during the editing phase if you don't.

  • Convert The Video & Audio To Various Formats

You can transform a video file into more than twenty-five different formats. All these formats are widely used for various purposes. People usually go with lossless formats to achieve the best graphics, and these files don’t need extraordinary specs to play. These days every computer and smartphone is advanced enough to play high-resolution videos without lagging.

  • Change settings For Audio & Adjust Volume

Audio setting is the tab next to the video, and you can change the codec, bit rate, audio channel, frequency, and volume of the file. If you don’t know what change each setting can bring in your audio file, then you should try playing around. These settings can help you adjust sound levels, volume, and quality. If you are converting an mp4 to mp3, then go with the highest bit rate to achieve better audio quality.

Evano is a wonderful video editing tool, but it has set a limit on how many videos you can download per day. If you register yourself on the website, you can up to a hundred videos a day, and if your download requirement exceeds this number (which I don’t think is possible), you can subscribe to its premium plan.

#2 Ontiva


Ontiva is a YouTube downloader and can convert the videos to Mp3, Ogg, Wav, and Mp4. These four formats are used for saving tracks/clips and mostly become part of video editing. Ontiva has a unique search bar that allows its users to search for YT videos on its main page. The results are displayed on the same page, from where people can choose to play or convert the file. Once you head to the download page, you will be able to:

  • Cut out your favorite scenes from the videos

Ontiva doesn’t offer a lot of video editing features since it is just a YouTube Convert, but you can cut your most liked parts of the video and save them on your device. All you have to do is provide the duration of your favorite scene, and the Ontiva will take that part out of the video for you.

  • Change mp4 to mp3 format

You can convert video files to mp3 format and select a high bit rate to keep the sound quality decent. If you choose the 320 kbps bit rate, you will get a much better sound quality, and people prefer this bit rate because the loss of information in a file is minimal at this rate.

  • Save the thumbnail of a video or convert it to a gif

Another exciting option you will find in Ontiva is that you can save the thumbnail of the YT video or convert it to a Gif. The Gif format isn’t really popular these days, but people like creating still images and using them on social networks.



Another YT downloader that allows you to save videos in mp4 or mp3 format. It doesn’t offer the same amount of formats as Ontiva, but people love this platform because of its simplicity. You can download videos on your phone and PC without any delay. The website is famous for its conversion speed, and it doesn’t ask for much in return. If you sign up on this platform, you will be able to download up to fifty YT videos a day. You will also be able to:

  • Download Video In High Resolutions

With the help of this particular website, you can save videos in HD format. Ontiva only allows you to save five videos a day, with a resolution of 720p, but on this site, you can save a video with a resolution of 2k. This video quality is used in professional video editing, and editors can export the file in a lower resolution later, depending upon their clients' requirements.

  • Save Videos In A Row

The problem most people face while downloading is that they cannot save more than one video at a time. This site enables you to download several videos in a row; all you need to do is search for your favorite YT clip on this website and click on the convert button. You will be instantly taken to the download page, from where you can save the vid, and come back to convert more.