Tracking Employee Performance While Working From Home

Tracking Employee Performance While Working From Home
The Siliconreview
30 March, 2021

The traditional workplace has changed with more employees now working from home. Companies can now recruit teams from anywhere in the world, with different time zones and skillsets.

With this new work-from-home (WFH) model comes a number of obstacles. Without physically working side by side, how can managers track their employee performance? And, now that customers have come to expect a range of communication methods, how can these connections be streamlined?

Here are a few useful tips to help you manage a virtual workforce.

Setting and Meeting KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are commonly used by managers to measure the performance of their employees. With an intelligent workforce management software solution, challenges can be set and shown visually within the dashboard. Rewards can be offered when tasks or goals have been completed, and a public leaderboard will encourage friendly competition.

When you set KPIs, it will help your employees stay motivated and on track, which can be tough when working remotely. Having challenges to complete will make the workday more fun while giving managers valuable insights into daily, weekly and monthly progress.

Offering Consistent Customer Communication

A virtual call center will give your operators a central platform to communicate with customers. Look for an omnichannel solution with options for tracking voice, e-mail, social media and text interactions. Take control by delegating staff, and never miss a customer query again.

With a cloud-based call center, your team can all view the same information, updated in real-time. When choosing software, ensure it is secure and updated regularly. It should also be accessible on a range of devices, catering to the different needs of your remote workforce.

Whether your focus is inbound or outbound calls, you will always be able to track how well your team is communicating. With metrics, reporting and statistical data at your fingertips, you can discover areas where improvement may be required.

Providing Feedback to Employees

When you work in an office, there are opportunities to chat with your employees to see how they are progressing. This isn't always the case when working from a distance, but it is important to check in regularly.

Depending on how formal your company is, you may like to have a monthly video chat meeting with each employee. During this meeting, you can discuss their progress and ask them how they think they are performing. You may also like to use a business communication platform to send messages to your team during the workday. This can encourage collaboration and ensure everyone is aware of their daily obligations.

Tracking Employee Performance

Do you have employees working from home? Tracking their performance is possible when you implement a few key strategies. Choose a powerful software solution that you can use to set and manage KPIs, giving your employees measurable challenges to complete.

You can complement this with a virtual call center, with options to delegate staff and maintain consistent customer service across all channels. Give your employees regular feedback via video chat, and ask them to track their own performance.

Finally, take the time to choose the right software, ensuring it is user-friendly and accessible by your employees no matter where they are in the world.