3 Qualities in Tech Products That are Becoming Increasingly Important

3 Qualities in Tech Products That are Becoming Increasingly Important
The Siliconreview
01 April, 2021

As technology has developed over the years, so have the needs and wants of the customers who buy that technology. As there is so much choice when it comes to how many different brands of devices are out there on the market, it’s important that manufacturers make products that customers actually want. While in the past, many people would have just cared about the speed, the special features, or even the logo on the back of the device, there are now a lot more qualities that customers are becoming increasingly concerned about. Here’s a look at three of the things more and more customers are looking for in their technology before they commit to making that purchase.


Just a decade or two ago, laptops were pretty much limited to those who really needed to be able to work on the move for their job. These were rather bulky and expensive devices, and pretty much anybody who owned one would do everything they could to protect it. This included buying and wearing a separate specially designed bag to protect the laptop while transporting it. These days, an increasing amount of people own a laptop or a similar device and want to take it with them to an increasing number of places. As every other device, like smartphones, has become more portable, many people look for a laptop that they can quickly throw into any bag they’re taking out with them.

As they’re being used a lot more and taken to more places, it’s increasingly important that laptops are built to survive the constant stresses and strains they’re put under. That’s why when it comes to testing, manufacturers are increasingly becoming concerned about how well the device does when it’s dropped or gets wet, as well as how well it copes under laboratory conditions. More and more companies are using specialist materials, like strong adhesives that use water soluble polymers, to reduce the chances of these problems occurring.

Battery life

As well as being confident they won’t break when thrown in their bag and taken somewhere, people also want to make sure that their device will have enough power to use once they get it back out of the bag. We’re increasingly used to technology being wireless, whether that’s the internet, headphones, or even a game console controller. As everything else can be used wirelessly, people also want to plug their laptops into charge as little as possible. That’s why the battery life of a device is becoming a major selling point.


As these devices cost a lot of money, a customer wants to know their new product is going to last a long time. A lot of Apple users were surprised to find that certain models of iPads and iPhones are unable to be updated after a certain number of years, forcing a customer to buy a new model if they want the latest features and apps. Brands that offer to support older models for longer periods of time are becoming increasingly in demand in response to this.