Top 5 features for choosing the best stock tracker app

Top 5 features for choosing the best stock tracker app
The Siliconreview
28 April, 2021

With stock tracking becoming the new trend, numerous stock trackers are coming to the limelight. With multiple features, interactive designs, and ease of handling, their popularity is anything but unjustified. Serious traders can appreciate the efficiency that these apps bring to the table. They have also paved the way for many amateurs to explore the world of stock trading without having to explore the mayhem of crunching heavy numbers daily. The question is which one to choose? Moreover, which is the best stock tracker?

Determining the features that matter

The answer to this question is somewhat confusing mostly because it is personalized and subjective. Every investor has his unique requirements and comfort level that they like to work in. Hence, it is very unjust to think that what tool suits you best might be the most viable option for everyone. Every stock tracker app brings forth something unique and new. One has to explore all the options before settling for any one of them. We will discuss the top 5 features that the “best stock tracker” awardee must put forward.

Data analysis

This is one of the primary reasons why people move to stock trackers in the first place. Any app should provide trends and burn-down charts to better analyze the evaluation of your assets and make informed decisions. Most applications use data analytics and AI techniques to study market trends and reflect them as graphs to the users. It is extremely helpful to make informed decisions.

Multiple portfolios

You should be able to handle multiple portfolios from a single account on your application. The whole purpose of using stock trackers stands defeated without this. Though most apps have this feature, it is important to check whether this option is available if you are sticking to an unpaid version.

Periodic updates

The thing is, you may forget a date, but a machine wouldn’t unless of course it is broken due to some reason. Stock trackers can be customized to provide the details on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Accordingly, it would provide daily, weekly or monthly stats on how your assets are performing. You should also be able to filter what you need to see. For example, if you only want the profits in your weekly update your app should allow you to do that.

Connecting broker account and e-wallets

Though this is not a show-stopper, it is an added advantage if your stock tracker has this. It reduces the time consumed while navigating between multiple applications. Having the ability to connect your e-wallets also is very useful given that managing your transactions becomes a lot easier. If you are looking for the best stock tracker, you should spare no detail.

Library of stocks

Lastly, one’s app should have an exhaustive range of stocks and shares so that one has ample choices to select from.

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