A Guide to Choosing an Online English Language Tutoring Platform

A Guide to Choosing an Online English Language Tutoring Platform
The Siliconreview
05 May, 2021

If you are planning to learn the English language very soon, then you are in luck. We will break down below the reasons you should learn to be fluent in English and the information that would help you find the best online English tutoring platform for you.

Benefits of learning the English language

There are several benefits you can acquire when you learn English.

English is a language you can use to communicate with most. As a universal language, the majority of each of the countries in the world can at least understand partial English. Especially if you plan to travel more often, English is a handy language to know to make your experience in moving around a foreign place easier.

Knowing English gives you more global opportunities. If you are looking into future involvement in international business, being fluent in English is a must. The ability to speak in English provides you with more and better employment opportunities.

Most international articles and research studies are in English. In the academic sector, especially in the sciences, English is the primary language used in writing books and dissertations.

English is widely used in the entertainment industry. Films, music, books, and other media types used in popular culture are now in English most of the time. This is to cater to a lot of people, especially if the creators aim for global popularity.

The digital community is mainly in English. When you surf through the internet, you notice that most of the contents are written in English. So if you want to keep up with the updates on the worldwide web, you should know how to speak the language.

Generally, learning a new language improves cognitive abilities. Trying to learn English, or other languages, at any age helps your brain become active and sharp. It improves the functions in charge in memory, learning, decision-making, etc.

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Online English Tutoring Platforms

Gone are the days when you had to enrol in a university or institution to learn an entire course about the English language. Now, your best option would be with online tutoring platforms that specialise in teaching languages. Most of these platforms offer English language classes. They make sure that they hire Preply english online teachers that are native speakers. These tutors then have to undergo a series of training to become more reliable and effective teachers.

Students are given the freedom to choose the tutor that passes their preference. Since everything will be done online, classes are very convenient and accessible. Learning the English language would be so much easier for you since sessions are purely one-on-one.

What to look for in an Online English Tutoring Platform?

With thousands of online companies offering language tutoring classes, how would you know which one is the best for you? Below are nine qualities that you should look for in an online English tutoring platform.

1. Cost-efficient rates

When we compare it to the costs of an in-person class, taking online English classes is more affordable. Usually, the rates of these classes vary depending on the tutors’ experience and proficiency. Find a platform that fees fit right into your budget.

2. Highly qualified tutors

Before choosing a tutoring platform, see how reliable and credible their tutors are. You want to learn from the best, so choose a platform that has native English speaking teachers.

3. User-friendly platform

Whether you are already proficient in using the internet and modern technology, you might still prefer to use a platform that is not complex at all.

4. Credible image

The credibility and reliability of a platform can be based on their years of experience in online tutoring. You can also look into their previous and current students’ reviews about their services.

5. Variety of English classes offered

The best online tutoring platforms can offer different English specialisations. Depending on your current English skills and your proficiency goal, the classes you can take may vary. You can choose between beginners classes, business English classes, and conversational English classes.

 6. Flexible with schedule

One reason why people take online tutoring classes is that they have a hectic schedule, and the only way to squeeze in an English class is through the convenience of a virtual course. You want a platform that can accommodate you anytime you want to take the class.

7. Great customer service

You need to find an online English tutoring platform that is good at what they do and provides excellent customer support. In case you encounter issues during your classes, you want them to address them immediately.

8. Other services offered

Some online language tutoring platforms also offers various classes in other languages that you can take. If you want to learn other foreign languages, it is best to take it from the same platform -- some tutors also teach multiple languages. Some websites also offer tutoring courses on different subjects and test preps.

9. Money-back guarantee

If a tutoring platform offers a money-back guarantee, you know that they are confident with their services and tutors. Plus, it shows that your commitment to them would be risk-free as you will indeed be contented with the services you receive.

How to find the best online tutoring platform?

Ask your friends for recommendations. Start crowdsourcing from people you know that are taking English classes or have already taken one. Ask them if they can recommend their platform.

Search online. You can also look through the internet for the best and most accessible online tutoring platform for you.

Contact your top choices. To see if your chosen platform is an excellent fit for you, contact and communicate with them.

Ask the right questions. During a conversation with them, ask them about their certification and the process required for their services. Raise specific points that are important or a considerable concern to you.

Assess the tutors. You can do this by scrolling through their roster of English tutors. They usually provide profiles for each of them where they write their skills and educational background.

Consider trial lessons. These will help you test the waters and measure if their classes are effective for you.

Go with your guts. Enrol to a platform and with a tutor that you are most comfortable with.

Starting in learning a foreign language can be challenging, especially for adults. However, this should not discourage you from continuing with your classes. Remember that nothing great comes easy, no matter how smart you are. Always keep your eyes on your goal, and the rest will just follow.