Disruption Of The Legal Industry Pushes Law Firms To Update

Disruption Of The Legal Industry Pushes Law Firms To Update
The Siliconreview
04 May, 2021

Research has shown that the past year has caused considerable disruption in the legal industry and prompted many law firms to modernize. As well as highlighting outdated business models, the success of working largely online has motivated firms to look more closely at digital solutions and update the way they operate. For new and developing companies, taking an innovative approach to legal services, marketing and discovery can empower law firms to deliver greater efficiency and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

A Strong Digital Presence Attracts New Clients

Since around a third of potential clients begin their search for legal assistance online, having a strong digital presence is becoming increasingly important for law firms. As the first point of connection, an up-to-date website with high quality content will enhance a company’s brand and credibility, and SEO will help to boost traffic to the site. In addition, creating a hubspot for lawyers can help find firms and manage leads with genuine clients, and enhance sales, marketing and customer relationship management. 

Technology Helps To Meet Growing Demand

Once a business has a steady stream of clients, it will need to ensure it can scale up service to meet growing demand. One element of the legal industry’s modernization is the adoption of technology such as artificial intelligence. AI can be used to undertake repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as e-discovery, document management and legal research. Large amounts of information can be surveyed quickly, cheaply and, generally, more accurately.

Firms Offer Non-traditional Services

Innovations in technology and business models are also changing the way that legal services are delivered. As well as offering full representation for entire cases, some law firms are now providing clients with unbundled services, also known as limited scope representation. As its name suggests, lawyers only help clients with specific tasks, such as filling out divorce forms or coaching them to represent themselves in court. For this reason, the services are more affordable, and could lead to more legal issues concerning lower income households being dealt with by the justice system. 

Like all businesses, law firms have had to adapt their operating models over the past year. This need has instigated change, and now, as well as offering increasingly flexible and affordable services, successful law firms are embracing digital tools to ensure growth and meet the demands of new clients.