How to Buy B2B Leads Efficiently: Achieving a Business Offer that Can’t be Refused

How to Buy B2B Leads Efficiently: Achieving a Business Offer that Can’t be Refused
The Siliconreview
31 May, 2021

Let's say you managed to create your own database and fill it up with some B2B leads. But this is not enough for the stable growth of the enterprise. The leads must be handled correctly. But how correctly do your business and the business of a potential partner understand the value of B2B communication in the first place?

A reliable appointment setting service is an essential component of lead generation. Sales development involves bringing in trained sales representatives, tracking and attracting qualified leads. These processes must be efficient, reliable, and properly integrated with B2B lead generation services.

How to Ensure Appointment Setting Leads Are Qualified

The processes that involve connecting with leads, qualifying them as potential customers and decision-makers, and scheduling meetings with a company representative are extremely critical for the business. Moreover, complex programming is not required for their organization. The tasks are solved much easier with the help of:

  • email;
  • advertising campaigns;
  • trade shows and other marketing events.

For instance, the AI-powered Folderly email delivery tracking software provides email tracking capabilities that help:

  • achieve 100% email deliverability;
  • a higher percentage of opened emails and responses.

The platform was designed from scratch specifically to help companies drive revenue growth through robust marketing solutions.

The point of B2B processes is for the sales representatives of the companies to communicate closely, provide more detailed information about the sales, and, ideally, close the deal. The more such business meetings there are, the higher the chances of success. Therefore, great attention must be paid to correct communications. Of course, it's best to first decide if it's worth talking to the lead at all and how often it should be done.

Qualifying Leads for Successful B2B Appointment Setting

Leads are very specific and not all of them can be useful. Some can even ruin your niche status and reputation. That’s why the business needs a deep knowledge of potential customers and how to ensure that only the most relevant ones get into the database.

Gathering everybody in one place blindly is not the best solution. You need a thorough analysis or an expert who will analyze everyone and say who you can deal with, and who is better to leave alone.

Traits of a qualified sales lead (SQL)

Let's say your marketing department finds a promising prospect. But instead of immediately launching an awareness campaign, you show it to the sales team. It’s doing research to see if this lead has problems and pain points that your product will cover. If there is a match, the sales team will add the potential client or partner to the appointment setting queue and he/she becomes a qualified sales lead.

Lead Qualification

There are several ways to do this. Each is focused on a different set of indicators that provide versatile information. If you want to be confident in the quality of potential customers, you will have to master a rating system that includes:

  1. All-around evaluation;
  2. Various qualification methods.

The evaluation allows you to divide potential customers into promising and “in need of education,” and then prioritize them further.

How to evaluate leads

  1. Define the evaluation criteria. What can help you say “Yes, this is a good choice”? Company size, profit level, location?
  2. Evaluate cost components. And make notes when you discover a new interest.
  3. Use a scoring system and set a threshold that indicates “ready to go”.
  4. Create multiple client portraits. You need to know that your target audience is not the collective mind, but the same business as yours.

Qualification methods

You need to collect more specific information about the business and the problems of potential customers. But first, get to know them. Professional appointment setting involves sending a letter with an invitation to discuss cooperation opportunities.

The key to a successful meeting is knowing what to ask about. Qualification methods will help with this. For example, BANT is basic because it identifies the potential for B2B relationships. That is, it helps find out if the prospect's needs match yours.

SPIN method: definitive advantages

The ability to ask questions correctly and listen, rather than speak, increases sales. The SPIN in appointment set method is based on an instant transition to a discussion of a specific problem and ways to solve it. You can never go wrong asking a prospect about business. In the B2B world, there is always something going on. Most likely, they will share with you something they are focused on at the moment.

Pose questions to influence the lead and push them to the right decision. Start with general information, but don't make it too tiring. Go to problematic issues. Uncover hidden needs, desires, intentions and offer your solution. Turn small problems into big ones. That is, bring the problem that the lead assesses as insignificant to the point where it requires an urgent solution.



Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

Before getting answers to qualifying questions, you need to know who you will be asking them to. To create an effective ICP, you need to:

  1. Follow your intuition. You probably have clients that you think are perfect. After listing, look for commonalities, analyze what these customers mean to you.
  2. Look for clients who receive the maximum benefit. These are those who really like your product, who are always in touch with you.
  3. Involve all departments in the process. Perhaps not everyone considers the ideal clients you want to work with. Only a complete analysis of each will determine the truly reliable ones.
  4. Speak to your clients. Ask them why they prefer you to your competitors, what value are they getting from your services? Listen to the answers and look for clues to what your ICPs have in common.

Try not to use B2B appointment setting pay per appointment. Most companies won't accept this until they find out enough about your business. They will either receive an advance payment for the implementation or enter into a short-term contract. It is best for sales reps to establish a sales incentive remuneration structure.

Bottom Line

Launching B2B appointment setting campaigns is an investment that will bring more profit to your company in the long run. But organizing it can be challenging. Outsourcing your appointment-making service to a team of professionals will allow you to focus on improving your products and increasing your business revenue while experienced specialists handle all the technical stuff!