The best TED Talks that you can watch with your children

The best TED Talks that you can watch with your children
The Siliconreview
11 May, 2021

TED Talks are known for the inspiration in which they bring to adults every single day. The inspiration of life affects the performance of adults in the world and does have an impact on the children too. TED talks impact knowledge, give motivation and entertainment to the world. If your child fails to listen to the advice and motivation given out, they miss out on a lot. For example, your kid can get inspired by one of these speeches and can ask you to write my essay about one of those topics that have been discussed on TED, it will be a great opportunity to work in a team with your child and explain to him the difficult topics or questions from real life. Some of the speakers that give out the speeches at TED talks are kids, and the message would probably inspire their fellow kids. Not all of the talks worthy of sharing with the kids. We have analyzed and compared different talks to give you the best TED Talks that you can enjoy and share with young children.

We would explore some of the stories in the TED Talk about journeys of frustration, deception, bodily function, social justice, and boredom. There is a story of a child narrating the reasons why adults should listen to kids more.

The lessons that adults may get from kids

Adora Svitak is a 12 years old kid who speaks on the importance of both adults and kids learning from each other. Adora gives a powerful message that makes a lot of sense and gives a wake-up call for the adults and children to work together and understand each other. The powerful message stands up to date and is impacting the world. The child Adora speaks of the need of the world to think childishly, have bold ideas, be creative, and maintain optimism. You can learn more about do we need help from children or do they need help from us for their homework or problems in school.

She states the need for the dream of kids having high expectations, and the adults must be willing to teach and learn from children.

The strength of introverts

Being one of the introverts, I would testify that every word is spoken in TED talk by Susan Cain in the year 2012 can be said to be valid to the introverts who learn, work, and live in this world where introverts are valued. Introvert kids, alongside being shy, have some extraordinary descriptions. In this world where outgoing and social people are praised and valued, it becomes shameful and even challenging to become an introvert. Susan Cain says that introverts exhibit strong extraordinary abilities, talents, and character in the current world in her talk. They should be celebrated and encouraged even more and more in society to bring out the best of their talents.

Ways boredom can make you have brilliant ideas.

Boredom is sometimes healthy for kids as they get some break from entertainment that they receive from their friends, siblings, toys, and screens.  Most of the creative ideas come when someone is sitting somewhere and doing other duties like folding laundry. Your brain becomes busy and gets different creative ideas when you are not in your everyday routine.

The effects of frustration on our creativity

Problems and challenges may slow your level of creativity, or they can either increase your creativity.

The adverse effects of silence

We may spend most of our time listening to what people are speaking without us having to say anything. We must find the confidence to speak out our minds in all adversities we face.


 Looks are not all that a human being needs to be accepted by society.