What Are the Best Canadian Casinos & Sportsbooks?

What Are the Best Canadian Casinos & Sportsbooks?
The Siliconreview
25 May, 2021

Sports betting can be a lot of fun, but only when you go with the right bookie. This can be a challenge as there are a lot of choices online. Canada alone has hundreds of sportsbooks. Some of them are great, some of them are subpar at best, and while others are downright horrible.

Gambling may be exciting, but money is precious. That’s why you should take your time when it comes to choosing a sportsbook.

When perusing options on Canadian Online Casino Review sites like, analyze each in depth before wagering a single dollar.. Here are some of the key criteria of a top sportsbook site.


Do your research on sports bookmakers and see if they have the relevant licenses and a proven track record. Browse through customer reviews and comparison sites that feature betting platforms.  

Make sure you verify your state laws on sports betting. Take note that some states have criminalized online gambling.

Not only could you lose money, which is bad enough, but you might even get into trouble by placing a bet in unauthorized venues and events. Going with reputable bookmakers will guarantee your safety and payouts.

Variety of Sports

Given the sheer variety of American sports, there’s one out there that you can bet on. Tennis, NBA, NHL, golf, American football, and Major League Baseball — US sports booking websites have them all.

However, studies have shown that a vast majority of Americans prefer to bet on niche sports. If this applies to you, check out sites that feature international sports like cricket, MMA, and Latin American football leagues. You may even get better odds.

Betting Odds

What matters the most when it comes to picking a bookie is having competitive odds. This is what you’re here for in the first place. Since you’re taking a risk, it makes sense to maximize your profits.

You don’t want to be shortchanged. There’s nothing worse than learning you could have received a larger payout from another booking site that offers better odds.

Verify that the calculations are transparent and reasonable. It’s crucial that the odds make sense. Imagine going just 2:1 odds on a horse that only had a 3% chance of winning. A horse like that certainly calls for higher odds to make the bet fair.

Bonuses and Promotions

Say you’re new to horserace betting and you want to make a couple of risk-free or low-risk bets until you get a better grasp of all the technical aspects.

Be on the lookout for sites with signing bonuses or promotions on initial bets. Don’t forget to read all the betting requirements and stipulations that come with these bonuses.

Fast Payouts

Speed is of the essence when it comes to bank transfers. It can be nerve-wracking to win a bet but not get your money immediately — especially when you need your winnings for another hot opportunity.

Booking sites have different policies that dictate how and when you’ll receive your payout. The exact timing will depend on the size of your bet and preferred banking method.

Make sure you read the most recent policies before placing a bet. This way, you can rest easy knowing precisely when your winnings will get to you.

Quick Recap

Sports betting can be easy, fun, and risk-free. That is, if you don’t settle for low-quality bookmakers. Watch out for red flags like no proven history, no displayed licenses for the state, poor odds, and limited sports options.