Why All Businesses Should Inve...


Why All Businesses Should Invest in a Dedicated Mobile App

Why All Businesses Should Invest in a Dedicated Mobile App
The Silicon Review
04 May, 2021

Nowadays, mobile devices are found in all of our pockets, with their main functionality being to communicate and to run purposeful applications. Businesses from all around the world started transforming their products from the physical to the mobile world. If your business does not have an app as of yet, we would recommend that you start preparing for your future and see the benefits that come along with developing a mobile app.

The following are some benefits that businesses can acquire should they create a dedicated mobile app for their customers.

Provide Value for Customers

If you want to offer your product and make sure you attract more customers, building an app will surely help attain your goal. This will help you increase your interaction with your business and help you to promote sales while providing a level of value to your loyal customers. To enhance loyalty, you can also create a loyalty program within the app itself. The more customers interact and buy your product, the more points they earn. These points can later be used to benefit from great deals and discounts. This will motivate customers to make more purchases through the app. Moreover, when allowing users to pay directly through the app, you will be speeding up the transaction process, making it more efficient.

Build a Strong Brand

The app will automatically make the customers aware of your brand and make it easy for them to communicate with you. By communicating regularly, you will make the customers trust you which will then make them commit to your brand. You can do so by explaining what your brand stands for and educate your customers.

Connect with Customers

The service should not just be about face-to-face communication. By using a solid mobile presence, they’ll always be able to communicate with an interface which is geared to provide them the best possible experience. Many companies have noticed that through apps, customer service improved. This is because information is available to the customers 24/7. They can access your products and make a purchase at which ever time of the day they want. Therefore, mobile apps are definitely the answer to raise customer satisfaction.

Increase Profits

When customer satisfaction is increased, typically, sales will increase too. SalesForce explains how 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how customers are treated. Customer demand grows when your customers are more interested and pleased with your product or service. If you already have a website which is optimized for mobile devices, that is great, but what will boost your sales and enhance customer experiences is having a mobile app. As an example, Domino’s seen an increase of 28% in profits when they created their app, and 48.6% of their online sales were made through the app in the UK. Nowadays, 52% of their online orders are done via mobile devices.

The above are the main benefits that a company can use to continue growing and succeeding. However, there are many more reasons to consider when choosing to develop a mobile app to increase customer engagement. These include: standing out from the competition especially if your competitors do no offer such app, it is considered as an easy way to inform customers of new products and offers, you will expand your market to the younger demographics, and you will automatically sync your customer’s email and social media accounts together. Moreover, once your app is developed, you can easily view analytics on how people are interacting with the app. You can easily find out how long the average user is spending on the app, from which part of the world your customers are located, as well as the amount of money that your business is making from each purchase.

The top industries that benefit from mobile apps include:

  • E-Commerce, including retail apps.
  • Hospitality & Food Service, including hotels and restaurants.
  • Entertainment & Media, including on demand movies and music streaming.
  • Healthcare, including connecting doctors with patients
  • Online Casinos, including payment methods such as Pay by Phone which can be found on MrCasinova.
  • Finance, including banks and trading platforms.
  • Travel, such as travel agents and flight bookings
  • Social Media, such as Facebook and Instagram

Continuously, companies are starting to increase their investments in their mobile app and therefore, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Therefore, if you do not already have an app, we definitely recommend that you do to secure a strong presence within the industry.