The Benefits of a Heated Towel Rail

The Benefits of a Heated Towel Rail
The Siliconreview
17 June, 2021

Toasty Towels

The appeal of stepping out of your shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a toasty warm towel is what makes having a heated towel rail an aspirational feature of any bathroom design. There is a decadent sense of luxury about a warm towel that magically turns a mundane daily routine into an indulgent pampering session.

Luxurious Style

Having a heated towel rail upgrades any bathroom design. It is a sign of opulence that tells the world, or visitors to your home, that this is no ordinary bathroom. With so many modern designs of heated towel rail available, in a various sizes, shapes, and colours, there is a stylish choice for every interior design scheme. Check out the designer collection of towel rails at Stelrad for some inspirational ideas.

Bathroom Heating

Of course, a heated towel rail also provides heat for your bathroom. Whether an additional source of heat to an existing radiator or the sole source of heat in a smaller bathroom, a heated towel rail warms both the towels and the room itself. With the bathroom often the least sunny room in a house, any extra warmth is welcome when waking up on cool mornings and stepping out of a hot shower.

Space-saving Storage

Not only does a towel rail heat the towels but it also provides a convenient spot for towel storage. Leave the hooks on the back of the bathroom door for fluffy dressing gowns and display your towels on the towel rail. If it has replaced the standard radiator, your towel rail is a room warmer, towel heater and stylish towel storage unit all in one. Now that’s multi-purpose luxury indeed!

Ensuite Elegance

Speaking of saving space, a heated towel rail is the perfect option for an ensuite bathroom. In this smallest of bathrooms, space is at a premium. The multipurpose performance of this luxurious alternative to a radiator makes it the ideal choice for your private bathroom.


Drying your towels quickly with a heated towel rail lowers the levels of damp in a bathroom. This reduces the likelihood of mould and creates a more hygienic environment. Also, a towel rail is easier to clean than a standard convector radiator that can gather dust inside. A quick wipe over, without the need for special brushes, is all that is required. A heated rail creates a cleaner, more pleasant environment all round.


To suit how you want to use your heated towel rail, there are three main types: plumbed, electric and combination. If you are happy to have your towels heated only in the colder months when your heating is on, a plumbed towel rail is ideal for you. If you want a quick installation by an electrician without needing to interfere with pipes or want to be able to turn on the heat with the flick of a switch, an electric towel rail is your best choice. Or, if you want the best of both worlds, you can opt for a combination heated towel rail which is connected to both your heating system and mains electricity. The choice is yours.