What Are the Short Baby Boy Names That Start With N?

What Are the Short Baby Boy Names That Start With N?
The Siliconreview
25 June, 2021

Naming your kiddo is a time-consuming and meaningful experience for every parent-to-be, no matter which part of the world you are situated in right now!

However, if you prefer short and cute names for your newborn, our list can provide you with the trendy name of Noah, who was plausibly precious and incepted the trend.

Why Pick a Baby Name Starting With N?

Expectant mommas would love to know that their short baby boy names starting with N possess an incredible meaning, sassiness and suits his personality. The baby boy names, which start with the letter' N,' are highly classy, sophisticated, and return with a bang.

Top Short-n-Sweet Baby Names that begins with ‘N’


If you are on the hunt for short and cute baby boy names, CocoFinder comprises endless short names starting with N, such as Noah, Neil, Nick, and many more! Let's check the list!

1. Noah

It's pretty surprising that the name 'Noah' had a fleeting rise amid biblical names. Being in the top 15 boys' names since 2009, 'Noah' achieved 2nd rank in popularity. As per the Bible, Noah survived the destructive flood by manufacturing an ark.

It's that steadfastness and resourcefulness that every parent-to-be would like to pay attention to and also may desire to bestow on their sons. So, its strong Hebrew roots and 'peaceful', and meaning make it more miraculous than others.

2. Nash

One of the cutest and shortest baby names on the list includes 'Nash,' a British-originated name and means 'by the ash tree.' Parents must be fond of the famous cop show 'Nash Bridges,' which aired from 1995-2001.

So, after that time, the significance of this name has started beefing up. As mentioned earlier, the name got an immense meaning in its interlinking with ash trees, which ancient traditions considered to possess supernatural powers and also symbolizes protectiveness.

Such a short name will also work if you prefer the capital of country music, Nashville.

3. Neil

If you belong to the Irish culture, this name 'Neil' will work miraculously for your little one due to its top-notch meaning of 'cloud.' Such a cute and short baby boy name starting with N meteoric its publicity in the 1950s.

After that, it enjoyed a second comeback due to the popularity of such Neils as a veteran astronaut Neil Armstrong, Neil Peart, the Drummer, Neil Young, the folk singer, and Neil Diamond, the rock singer.

Although they are semi-retired eminent persons, the name still has massive recognition throughout the world.

4. Noel

The baby boy named 'Noel' was derived from French origin, meaning 'Christmas.' If you are expecting a boy, nothing could work much better than 'Noel.' The name seems to have British roots, impeccable, clairvoyant, connoting wit, and innovation.

So, it sounds familiar, like Noel Coward. However, the name 'Noel' has also been a significant character on Pretty Little Liars and Felicity.

All credits go to their intimate association with Christmas. If your munchkin is a December baby, naming him 'Noel' would be an excellent fit for this auspicious Christmas occasion.

5. Nick

The name 'Nick' is mainly a Japanese name, pronounced often as 'Nik.' However, such a short baby name is well accredited throughout the European countries, and it is a diminutive of the famous Nicholas.

In ancient Greek mythology, it was referred to as the Greek goddess of victory. So, Nick is the best-in-class short name, possesses total energy, charm, and the coolest one. The American celebrity singer Nick Jonas bears 'Nick' as his first name. Just think how charming he is!

6. Nova

Although the baby name 'Nova' has a more unisex approach and it means 'new.' It may be a much more commonly used girl's name, but nowadays, parents saw the leading appeal in it, and it acquired the best place of the US top 1000 baby boy’s names in 2017.

Nevertheless, 'Nova' is a powerful astronomical term for a star, which suddenly enhances in brightness, and after that, fades away! The famous public figure is Nova Widianto, an Indonesian former badminton player.

7. Nigel

'Nigel' is the champion for the black, passionate, cloud, or dark-haired people. It is simply pronounced as 'nye-jel,' and derived from the Irish or Gaelic culture. Apart from its many possible meanings, 'Nigel' indicates 'champion,' and it is a slight variation of the name 'Niall.'

In Latin culture, it is also known as 'black,' which is also a well-traveled one. Celebrities who bear this first name are Nigel Havers, Nigel Hawthorne, Nigel Barker, and Nigel Godrich.

8. Nasir

Such an elegant and cool baby boy named 'Nasir' is the dearest one among parents. More precisely, if you are from an Arab country, no other name than 'Nasir' would be a top-notch choice for all the parents, where it means 'helper.'

Your cute little kiddo will be growing into the most helpful person in the world, and he loves to serve the needy!

So, similar to Nasser, 'Nasir' has a more selfless meaning. Moreover, this name has gotten a speedy bump from the 2016 show 'The Night Of,' where the show's protagonist is named 'Nasir Kahn.'

9. Nolan

'Nolan' is the superior and rising Irish name, which means 'champion.' In the spirit of Ronan and Conan, being the best first name was moderately encouraged by pitcher Nolan Ryan, whose birth name was Lynn, after his father.

It is the cutest, gleeful, friendly, and conventional Irish baby boy name with this apt meaning of champion.

10. Nabil

'Nabil' is one of the short baby boy names starting with N, which originated in Arabic, and means 'highborn.' So, naming your cute boy 'Nabil' will showcase his delightful and accessible personality.

Moreover, some famous celebrities hold this first name, including Nabil Elderkin, Australian and American music director, and Nabil Fekir, the French footballer.

Concluding words

Your kiddo's name is meant to last their lifetime and requires fulfilling a few major criteria too. It should be creative and spunky, which could also be used as the surname.

All those aforementioned top 10 baby boy names meet all the requirements. Therefore, choose one as per the norm in your culture and preference!