What Top Executives Can Do To Futureproof Their Careers

What Top Executives Can Do To Futureproof Their Careers
The Siliconreview
15 June, 2021

As a top executive at a business, you’ll be aware of the pressure of being responsible for a range of business matters. If you add that pressure to the pressure of managing your career, then it can get overwhelming. Here is what you can do to help futureproof your career going forward.

Become More Tech-Savvy

Over the last decade, there has been an increased pressure for businesses to change their business to be more optimised, utilising the newest technologies. As an executive who has been at the top of their game for a long time, you will need to be aware of technologies within your industry.

Not only that, but you should be aware of what future changes are coming, and if you don’t you should be constantly educating yourself on how to implement these.

Retrain Your Skills Regularly

That takes us nicely onto your general skills. Whilst you may think you’re very good at what you do, you should still be taking courses to refresh your skills on specific executive needs and business practices. This helps ensure you keep up with the latest trends, and educate yourself on things you may have forgotten.

Not only does this benefit you and the way in which you work, but your business will see the extra work you put in, and will consider you the go to person when looking to promote someone.

Ensure Your Financials Are Protected

One of the most effective ways you as an executive can do to ensure your career is protected in the future, is to actually protect your own personal finance just in case the worst can happen. As much as this guide is designed to help you keep your job, sometimes a job loss is simply inevitable.

For example, many businesses had to cut their staff due to the impact of COVID-19, which sometimes meant letting loyal long-serving employees go out of no fault of their own. There were also the recent Brexit implications which meant some businesses chose to close down operations within the UK and move offices abroad, leading to job losses.

Whatever the reason, it’s important you have your income protected for job loses, either through savings or an insurance provider, in order to help keep you afloat. This way, you’ll be able to focus on getting a new job, without stressing on how you’ll afford the bills for the month, or afford basic survival needs such as food.

One of the best ways an executive can do this, or anyone who has a decent income, is by taking out income protection insurance. This type of insurance allows you to be paid back a proportion of your monthly income, sometimes up to 70% of your gross annual salary, if you’re out of work through sickness or general unemployment.

You can actually find out more about the best types of income protection insurance here through Drewberry. This organisation will be able to take your details quickly, and compare leading insurers within 60 seconds, ensuring you find the best rate and deal for you going forward.

Keep Good Relations With Your Team

As an executive, you’ll most likely have some employees underneath you, either ones you’re directly responsible for, or just in general. Either way, it will assist both you and the business massively if you have your team on your side.

A team that is against you, or at least poorly led by you, will lead to poorer results and therefore will reflect poorly on you. This means that if management are looking to make changes to improve productivity, it may be you that is placed into the firing line.

Keeping a good relationship with your team will not only help protect your career at your current workplace, but also elsewhere. For example, if those working underneath you were to rise up and leave to work at a different business, then you will have a good working relationship already in place with them. This will help you if you apply to work there, as they will be a point of positive reference.

Those Above You Should Like You

On a similar scale, it also helps to have a good working relationship with those above you, as they will have more of a direct say in your employability. Not only that, but they may be the ones that look to open new job slots, and if they’ve got someone below them who is very skilled and also got a good working relationship with them, they may be the first choice.

It does of course also help if those above you like you in general, but a good working relationship is arguably more important.

Think On A Global And Local Scale

You may have heard the term think on a global scale. This term is much more important to executives than a worker lower down on the tree, as they have much more to think about.

Of course, an executive may be in charge of more responsibilities and jobs in general, so they should be more open to bigger issues. Flexibility is key for executives, as their job role could change at any moment.

Not only is it important for executives to think on a global scale, but they should also think on a smaller local scale too. Being able to manage both trains of thoughts and business processes, will help to enable executives have a long and successful career.

Build Your Network Up

As an executive, it never hurts for you to have your business connections up to date. One of the best ways you can do this, is by using a networking service such as LinkedIn. This helps them deal with overseas issues, such as hiring and management, as well as see what those within your industry are doing.

This is a great way to learn more about different innovative business techniques that have been introduced, and see how competitors are doing. From a personal point of view, it allows you to keep an eye open on any upcoming job opportunities before anyone else, and if you’ve cemented the relationships with people within your own network, then you’ll be able to get there first.

This also helps keep your name in a professional setting, especially if you’re posting regularly and creating connections. This will certainly help with your career, and keep you at the top of your game.

Keep Your Options Open

No executive would be at the top of their game if they weren’t keeping their options open. This means ensure your skills are up to date, and keep your connections aware of your presence. This way, you’ll be able to move to a higher position when you’re ready, and let you escape a toxic workplace if applicable.

Environment Is Key

One of the biggest trends when it comes to executives and modern corporate business practices, is the awareness of the environment. There has been increasing pressures from lobbyists and governments, as well as those within the working industry, to focus on the environment.

Of course, it’s not just because of the pressure that these organisations should be focusing on the environment, but also to help protect the planet, and also offshoot their costs. Executives who find modern ways to change business practices for environmental reasons will be looked upon favourable, and see their career do well.